I suppose Google runs its services on AWS us-east-1 now?

Drive, calendar, etc are down 🤦‍♂️

Shameless Promotion 

A mate & I have started streaming gaming content a lot during the week, playing various games and also doing a bit of improv.

Come and hang out with us at twitch.tv/jooots

Joe is currently live playing some Crusader Kings 3 to rewrite colonial history!

(not proud of using twitch but it's, sadly, more accessible atm)

Mom asked for a weighted blanket... anyone have any recommendations? Search results are all affiliate link hell posts or ads.

Jackbox Party Pack is the savior of quarantine partying

Made these lil guys with polymer clay. There's one impostor among us 😝 #AmongUs

#Salesforce just bought #Slack for $27.7 billion. The #bigtech consolidation continues. What could possibly go wrong when a handful of companies control the hardware and software that the majority of internet-connected people use? It's time to #breakfree and embrace free and open source software (#FOSS) and open hardware that is easy to repair (#righttorepair).

Always excited when comes around!

Here are some notable stats for me this year:
- 813 artists (156 new)
- 341 genres (61 new)
- 15568 mins of podcasts (8 episodes of Last Podcast on the Left in one day somehow)
- An honourable mention that I listened to Tallah before 50k listens

Besides the absolute trainwreck of the wrapped app/interface this year, it's always great to reflect on a year of music!

Wheres the best place to advertise my art and artisan al stuff I make? I get nothing from Facebook and Instagram and I'm so lost, how's a small creator supposed to do it? #creator #CreatorTalk #artistsofthefediverse

I considered adding a CW for "Shameless Plugs" but screw it.

@janaleal has been working her ass off making funky stickers and pretty masks to sell on Etsy and she's done such a great job of it and the storefront.

Check it out @ etsy.com/shop/JanaDoes!!

Q: Would you fund a developer Patreon if there were no typical “Patreon Benefits”? Perhaps with regular updates on what the developer does?

BRB gonna go draw with a soldering iron on my Switch

Anyone out there using the pinetab for art?

I'm a novice and have played around with procreate on an ipad and it's so much fun for drawing... Any chance the / comes close to the same functionality?

I guess I'm looking for drawing apps, good OSes and the current status of pinecil functionality!

Thanks ahead :ac_flourish:

On today's episode of "Finger Picking Good", we're listening to Buckethead.

Buckethead is a recent discovery for me. It's impossible to pin him to a certain genre, so it's much easier to just say "he's a guitar player".

His most notable features are the KFC bucket and blank mask he wears as part of the persona.

His discography is slightly intimidating at first glance, consisting of 314 studio albums as of this toot.


"It took a war for System of a Down to record new music. After seeing the country of Azerbaijan start a conflict with Armenia in September, the musicians, who are all of Armenian descent, rushed into the studio to record two new songs, “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz,” to draw attention to the crisis in their ancestral homeland."

- #KoryGrow, 2020


#SystemOfADown #Armenia

New System of a Down songs!! What a treat for a Friday!

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