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During this pandemic, nonprofits and the communities they serve depend more than ever before on the Internet. This is not just a victory for the web; this is a victory for aid organizations, corporate watchdogs, museums, clubs, and everyone working in the public interest.

Mastodon usage question - Is there a way to browse another server from my current one?

I can see the local server feed and a federated feed but I think a really useful feature would be to be able to browse feeds from other servers. Ideally I'd love to have a sort of "personal federated feed" whereby I can subscribe to various servers that have interesting subjects.

Or is this a misunderstanding on the workings/usage of federated social media?

All help appreciated!

I wish eggplants would grow actual vegan eggs instead of being the most boring tasting of all vegetables.

@oranje and @stuts asked for a penguin. So, here's my take on a penguin. πŸ™‚

And to follow this up... INTERACTIONS.

Tw*tter feels like shouting into the void. Love this lil active community.

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Fosstodon is such an amazing community, I feel like I've badly neglected it over the last couple of months.

Everytime I'm here I see interesting people doing awesome things and sharing cool technologies. There's always something new to find.

Keep being awesome 🀘

If you want the code/project, credits for the assets or links to guides I've been using to learn - keeping all of this in a public repo ❀️

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@rho thanks for the like, and I recognise your website (definitely one I'd seen before my redesign and thought to myself "how do they make it so simple _and_ beautiful??")

I had intended to spend my night tapping around like an idiot on my dance pad but instead fell down Unity 2D game dev rabbithole, learning a lot and wondering where time is going! I'll get around to Stepmania tomorrow, now, it's late and time to chill out.

(Yes, they're naked)
((No, I do not intend on dressing them anytime soon))

If I post a subtoot 

Does that make me a subwuffer?

Wrote a little blog post while I was playing around on the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch.

Just finished configuring on my devices!

End-to-end encryption, self-hosted Nginx webdav syncing server, Markdown documents and that peaceful feeling that I'll be organising my notes a bit better from now on πŸ˜…

Will update in a week or two after migrating my documents from Quip and generally using it as my go-to!

(also it has a CLI client :garfield:)

I'm supporting the next decade of digital privacy and free speech. Join me and EFF today.

Gaahhh, the frustration when you get "invalid email address" on a web form because autofill puts a space at the end πŸ˜‘

I know when that hotline bling / Glory to the newborn king

Jonathan Pie hitting the nail on the head again. Worth a watch if you're still undecided on how to vote.

I'm now the proud owner of a robot chameleon!

RT via

Congratulations to our lead developer for for taking the @SUSE prize . πŸ˜ƒπŸ¦Ž

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