@meisam @JodiFOSSter why not both? πŸ™ƒ

Other swag recommendations would be hats and plushies!

Useful container addons for Mozilla-based browsers 

@polarisfm@www.librepunk.club Thank you so much for this!

@celia @werwolf seems to be making strides with gesture support, I'm yet to test the OS but it looks like a great MacOS replacement.


I suppose Google runs its services on AWS us-east-1 now?

Drive, calendar, etc are down πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Cyberpunk, Weird body stuff 

@art Can you? I've spoken to a friend who has it and he says there's like not much to choose from... Idk if there's unlocks or something for more customisation but I think this claim about detailed genital modding is mostly false πŸ˜…

@markosaric agreed! Thanks for expanding on the fine too.

It is great to see such a step-up in punishment/fines, here's to hoping that it'll genuinely deter them from such scummy practice!

@markosaric As always, these fines never seem to be anything more than the "cost of business".

Google's revenue was 160 *billion* dollars last year (according to Statista), a 100 million euro fine is around 0.075% of revenue (if my maths is correct).

Until there is a punishment that appropriately disciplines these companies I don't see how relative pocket-change fines are worth celebrating 😟

On a positive note it's great to see countries starting to give fines out more often!

Shameless Promotion 

A mate & I have started streaming gaming content a lot during the week, playing various games and also doing a bit of improv.

Come and hang out with us at twitch.tv/jooots

Joe is currently live playing some Crusader Kings 3 to rewrite colonial history!

(not proud of using twitch but it's, sadly, more accessible atm)

@kev Hard agree when it comes to anything tech-related, things change over months/years and dating the article helps to know how recently things worked with a decent gist of versioning.

However, for think-pieces, creative writing, etc I don't think it's necessary to know when it was done.

Personally I've put no dates on my poems (shameless plug of poetry.stuts.uk) as I know when I wrote them but I don't think it adds anything for the reader to know when they were written.

Mom asked for a weighted blanket... anyone have any recommendations? Search results are all affiliate link hell posts or ads.

@andyc didn't you hear? We brought back Ozil and are gonna win the world cup

@tychi we only did a couple so didn't get in the groove!

that's a brilliant doodle mate!! sometimes the quorum goes against us πŸ˜… I had someone jokingly accuse me of being the alien at the beginning of the game when I WAS, there was no coming back from that!

@tychi omg we just tried that tonight for the first time!

We very much struggled with full lobby, everyone is quite loud and even the humans are disrupting to the alien's advantage... A great laugh though!!

My current favourites are Survive the Internet and Monster Seeking Monster, so much chaos!

@tychi replying, not because I have any tips, because I have also had a similar request!

Jackbox Party Pack is the savior of quarantine partying

Made these lil guys with polymer clay. There's one impostor among us 😝 #AmongUs

#Salesforce just bought #Slack for $27.7 billion. The #bigtech consolidation continues. What could possibly go wrong when a handful of companies control the hardware and software that the majority of internet-connected people use? It's time to #breakfree and embrace free and open source software (#FOSS) and open hardware that is easy to repair (#righttorepair).

Always excited when comes around!

Here are some notable stats for me this year:
- 813 artists (156 new)
- 341 genres (61 new)
- 15568 mins of podcasts (8 episodes of Last Podcast on the Left in one day somehow)
- An honourable mention that I listened to Tallah before 50k listens

Besides the absolute trainwreck of the wrapped app/interface this year, it's always great to reflect on a year of music!

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