@kentoseth Definitely! I have a coworker who has explicitly told me it's what he uses when something (or someone) is annoying him!

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Is it a universally accepted fact that this emoji:


is considered passive-aggressive, cynical, sarcastic and doesn't imply a smile at all?

Happy (early) to any fellow paganistic folk out there!

Went on a little adventure to connect with nature and feel some peace, bring on summer!

@noble No feedback on the Hugo theming (looks good to me!).

Just wanted to say that the mall post was a terrific read, I felt like I was being regaled with a tale over a brew by an old friend. Thank you!

@retronav Yeah that's exactly the same vibe I got from it and Brave has had its issues/controversies so I figured that Gener8 would be similar.

Basically looks like that, you sell your data directly to their customers and block other ads and things on websites then get some commission for your data sale? I guess it's better than just giving the info away for free?

Hey FOSS friends - I have a question to !

What are your thoughts on Gener8?

I've recently heard mention of it for privacy control (+ reward) online and it sounds *too good to be true* to my privacy paranoia.

Does anyone have any light they could shine on this topic?

Looks to me like it's just making a bit of fake currency for selling your data to advertisers which, I suppose, is better than giving it away for free?

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@Gina My friends! I'm lucky to have a pretty large group of supportive individuals around me, really does help on tough days and ones where things don't seem to "click".

And if it's any consolation (re: sneezing + throwing out back), I dropped an entire roll of tin foil on the floor yesterday, it hit the floor then began rolling across it until it had fully unravelled. There was not a chance in hell that I was going to get that rolled up again πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

@Gina Thank goodness for that, hopefully something gets done to address this increasingly global problem 🀞

There are going to be a lot of suspicious-looking bearded people filling up the Portuguese hills soon, I fear!

@Gina (UK) I saw a similar increase in December and then a 54% increase this month... The December increase was over 100% and after I called them up it turns out they had just massively overinflated the price to, I presume, make a quick buck from those who weren't going to pay attention to the Direct Debit hikes before the first payment. Is this an estimate based on some outlandish usage estimates or quite literally just a change of base rates?

Hoping it doesn't end up hitting you this hard πŸ™

What an utterly chaotic football match that was, coming away with 3 points, 4 goals and Saka scoring a penalty to put the Euros behind him... I'm euphoric right now!


(Football's allowed on Fosstodon, right? πŸ˜‰ )

A bunch of bumble bees have decided that the air-con outlets at work are *the* place to bee 🐝

At the point where I *should* go to bed but I *want* to stay up bleary eyed hacking away at a project :oh_no_blob:

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I've ranted about that on here before (and that's not the purpose of these toots).

I roughly recall my count being around 250 unique bands, 330 including repeats (I lost the file pre-lockdown).

I've kept kicking down the road the painful process of digging out ticket stubs, internet deep diving and somehow putting together mental festival weekends until recently...

I'm about a third of the way through the rebuild, in LibreOffice calc, I can't wait to finish it and never lose this again!

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For years I kept track of the bands I had seen live. It started out as a note on my old iPod Touch where I'd list them and note in brackets if I'd seen them more than once.

After a few years of maintaining this I moved the list to Google Sheets, from here I could have a separate column for the number of times I'd seen a band and could get easy grand totals for "Unique Bands Seen" and "Total Seen Including Repeats".

When I migrated away from Google Drive I accidentally lost this file...


@calebccff 🀞 for you!

I'm currently in a bout of asymptomatic covid, have been voluntarily self isolating for the last week.

It's... *boring*.

Last week was probably my strangest week of listening.

- Discovered Rina Sawayama, what an absolute pop delight
- Saw The Zangwills live in London (they absolutely smashed it)
- Somehow found myself back on Scissor Sisters' debut album

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