@kev completely agree with you there, have keybase but working on a self-hosted link list as an excuse to play with a VPS

@micrackbiron that sounds fun and helpful! What calendar app are you using?

I'm supporting the next decade of digital privacy and free speech. Join me and EFF today.


Gaahhh, the frustration when you get "invalid email address" on a web form because autofill puts a space at the end 😑

I know when that hotline bling / Glory to the newborn king

@micrackbiron I imagine there are fixed/weighted dice out there but even seemingly regular dice can be fixed (source: Star Wars Episode 1)

Jonathan Pie hitting the nail on the head again. Worth a watch if you're still undecided on how to vote.

@twee@patch.cx @fribbledom It's just nice to see something different!

I mostly agree though, my feed is mostly English except for the random boosts from the Federation Bot.

@fribbledom I filter out stuff I don't understand, I currently have English and German posts in my feed (not that I understand German, I just wonder how much of my GCSE German is still bouncing around in my head!).

I'm now the proud owner of a robot chameleon!

RT via @alces-flight@twitter.com

Congratulations to our lead developer for for taking the @SUSE prize . 😃🦎

@desantis had to make sure the lil moose had a bandana to match mine!

Doesn't sound like fun, hopefully they start to play nicely for you!

@wesley a question I keep asking myself too is how to deal with multiple instances.

One option is to follow bots from various servers, a lot of big ones have some sort of content pusher so following just that would add random content from that server to my feed but it's still not quite the same.

Haven't had a look into merging accounts and stuff yet because I'd certainly like to be able to use a few different servers but I would like to keep my profile "together" across said instances.

Road trip time! On my way to to talk about the awesome OpenFlightHPC project 💻

@wizzwizz4 thanks for the suggestion!

I'm not particularly fussed against bashing files and services around myself, I just hate how involved Network Manager gets by default 😅

Public Reminder: NetworkManager can go die in a ditch, I just wanted to change the short hostname, not have you fail to update DNS settings and leave me without internet connection.

It's time to play with architecture in the cloud, exciting times!

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