Happy (early) to any fellow paganistic folk out there!

Went on a little adventure to connect with nature and feel some peace, bring on summer!

A bunch of bumble bees have decided that the air-con outlets at work are *the* place to bee 🐝

I've ranted about that on here before (and that's not the purpose of these toots).

I roughly recall my count being around 250 unique bands, 330 including repeats (I lost the file pre-lockdown).

I've kept kicking down the road the painful process of digging out ticket stubs, internet deep diving and somehow putting together mental festival weekends until recently...

I'm about a third of the way through the rebuild, in LibreOffice calc, I can't wait to finish it and never lose this again!

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Last week was probably my strangest week of listening.

- Discovered Rina Sawayama, what an absolute pop delight
- Saw The Zangwills live in London (they absolutely smashed it)
- Somehow found myself back on Scissor Sisters' debut album

I've reached new levels of weird playlist theming 🀘

"So did you find a new band you liked last week?"

(shoutout to listenbrainz.org)

Because it's obviously more secure to not allow copy/pasting long/complex passwords... Thanks Post Office

Always excited when comes around!

Here are some notable stats for me this year:
- 813 artists (156 new)
- 341 genres (61 new)
- 15568 mins of podcasts (8 episodes of Last Podcast on the Left in one day somehow)
- An honourable mention that I listened to Tallah before 50k listens

Besides the absolute trainwreck of the wrapped app/interface this year, it's always great to reflect on a year of music!

angry music 

Tallah have just dropped their first LP and it's πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

FFO: Nu-metal, concept albums, insanity


Was with family yesterday for some late birthday celebrations, we dug through all the old Lego!

Can't wait to expand this to an 11-a-side game :ac_laughter:

Why have I suddenly been tagged as a bot?! I'm a real boy, I swear I'm not a jumble of code!

Any idea what's happened, fellow humans?

Welcome Tux :tux:

Gruntled to have had my first post-lockdown tattoo.

This awesome design (shout-out to the talented @kev 🀘 ) was jabbed into my skin today (by the wonderful Joana at Pulse bibliogram.snopyta.org/u/joana ).

Couldn't be happier with how it's come out!

I had intended to spend my night tapping around like an idiot on my dance pad but instead fell down Unity 2D game dev rabbithole, learning a lot and wondering where time is going! I'll get around to Stepmania tomorrow, now, it's late and time to chill out.

(Yes, they're naked)
((No, I do not intend on dressing them anytime soon))

I'm now the proud owner of a robot chameleon!

RT via @alces-flight@twitter.com

Congratulations to our lead developer for for taking the @SUSE prize . πŸ˜ƒπŸ¦Ž

Road trip time! On my way to to talk about the awesome OpenFlightHPC project πŸ’»


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