Jackbox Party Pack is the savior of quarantine partying

@stuts we just did Push the Button last night which was a hit for our group since we've been playing so, so much among us lately

@tychi omg we just tried that tonight for the first time!

We very much struggled with full lobby, everyone is quite loud and even the humans are disrupting to the alien's advantage... A great laugh though!!

My current favourites are Survive the Internet and Monster Seeking Monster, so much chaos!

@stuts I think it took us four rounds before the group got it. I kept getting ejected lol

This pic I was like "I swear I'm human, I got the alien prompt that was 'eating a pizza' and I didn't want to do anything ambiguous"

They were like, "just what an alien would say" but I have no regrets.

@tychi we only did a couple so didn't get in the groove!

that's a brilliant doodle mate!! sometimes the quorum goes against us 😅 I had someone jokingly accuse me of being the alien at the beginning of the game when I WAS, there was no coming back from that!

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