I considered adding a CW for "Shameless Plugs" but screw it.

@janaleal has been working her ass off making funky stickers and pretty masks to sell on Etsy and she's done such a great job of it and the storefront.

Check it out @!!

@stuts @janaleal Do you ship to the states? If so, how long do you think it would take? I like the masks since they actually appear to sit well on one's nose.

@desantis @stuts yess I ship everywhere. Usually it takes around 8 days to get to the states 😁 I've been told by a friend with glasses that the way it sits on the nose causes less condensation than other masks too! Thank youu

@desantis @janaleal I'll also throw my personal advocacy for the masks here too! I was lucky enough to be able to test them before they went on sale and they're a comfortable fit and feel more "secure" than some of the more common mask shapes/designs.

@stuts @janaleal Last question, LOL. How do you adjust the elastics? The two people I have in mind for these have small faces.

@desantis @stuts I add these little silicone beads that you slide to adjust, they come in white or black 😁

@janaleal @stuts Sweet! I've just ordered two masks. Thanks for answering my questions!

@desantis @stuts thank you so much 😁🎉 all packed and ready to be dropped off on my way to work in a few hours! This is so awesome of you thank you!!

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