Anyone out there using the pinetab for art?

I'm a novice and have played around with procreate on an ipad and it's so much fun for drawing... Any chance the / comes close to the same functionality?

I guess I'm looking for drawing apps, good OSes and the current status of pinecil functionality!

Thanks ahead :ac_flourish:

@stuts Unfortunately for your use case, the Pinecil is a soldering iron. :) I don’t own a Pinetab but I have had some luck with Krita for drawing on desktop Linux. (I’m way better at soldering than drawing though.)

@drewzero1 LMAO, so not recommended for use on the pinetab? 🧐

@drewzero1 *flashbacks to soldering burns from years ago*

I think I'm gonna pass 😇 time to hold out for a... pinepen? Hopefully they'll come to be (prays to @PINE64 🙏)

@stuts Also it looks like they’ve been brainstorming future projects based on the pinecil, like a mini drill or dremel. It might not be too much of a stretch to imagine a stylus attachment that uses the processing power of the pinecil’s RISC-V microcontroller. I mean, somebody turned the TS80 into a music player, anything’s possible!

@drewzero1 woah, thanks for the info! So it's somewhat modular? Then that sounds perfect to put a nib of some kind on 👌

@stuts It’s designed to be somewhat modular, but currently they’ve only announced soldering iron tips for it. I’m planning on getting one when they’re available so maybe I’ll do some tinkering. 🤞

@stuts unfortunately the pinecil is a soldering iron, not a stylus for the pinetab

@djsundog wow, I've really confused myself this time, thanks for clearing it up 😅

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