Hey friends,

Looking for opinions/information regarding some of the recent "drama" surrounding the privacy of in @kde

There's a vocal minority that seem hellbent on discounting as an ethical FOSS project, I'm aware this sort of stuff doesn't come from nowhere.

Personally, I'm of the belief that privatised usage information is okay and being opt-in (off by default) seems like a fair compromise such that those that want to share usage info, can.

What do you think?

@stuts some people are complaining because with the option disabled data is not transmitted to KDE but is still collected on the local system. I still have no idea why that's supposed to be a problem.

@stuts @kde Note that the "drama" is caused mostly by one personne who spams on twitter, youtube, mastodon and other channels the same message. I'm not sure that we can do about it :(

@carl @kde Hey Carl, I'm aware it's one voice that seems to be set on it, I'm not going to dox them here but it's a shame to see such aggressive dismissal from what seems like little evidence and much speculation. The only conclusion I can see is that they're concerned it's a "gateway" to less-ethical tracking getting built into KDE?

Also, I see you in a lot, thanks for all your assistance and great work on the project along with the others!

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