Anyone else missing live music? It feels like forever since I was last in a sweaty crowd, I need that release.

Live sets do a little to scratch the itch but I pine for the atmosphere.

Anywhere, he's Tallah doing their entire album in a live set. Man can pull off a crop-top, fuckin' A Justin 🤘 amazing live set.

@stuts Miss it so much. Luckily the place my studio is in wanted to do live streams. So I helped them set it up and now man a camera. Not quite the same without a crowd but better than most are getting, so I'm thankful.

@flay I'll admit I'm a little jealous of your situation! Sounds like a lot of fun, what studio do you help out at?

Would be great to one day be able to return to crowded, passionate spaces but that's a long way off.

@stuts Red Gate Arts Society About half the banfs still slink in to jam, some taking the main stage for a bit of social distancing. We filmed half a dozen recently for the local university radio station and have more coming up. Will post here when online. Topically we're using Linux (arch and Ubuntu) along with NDI converters and Ubiquiti gear. Works well although I'm still figuring out some of the advanced networking.

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