Whelp, looks like I've misunderstood how my spot instance reservation was working for my VPS on AWS, bye bye website... Thank goodness for config backups but now thinking of alternatives.

What VPS hosting services would you recommend?

(Don't really have the infrastructure to run a home server like I'd ideally want to rn...)

@stuts I've been using DigitalOcean for a while (I tend to jump back and forth between them and Linode) and they've been great. For lower price points the performance is so much better than AWS too.

@chris Thanks Chris! Will check both of them out... Anything that particularly sways you either way between them or is it just as deals come and go?

@stuts I swap when one upgrades their generation of hardware as they're usually faster until the other leapfrogs them again. For the rest, they're pretty even. Linode has a better backup system but DO has better APIs/etc. For self-hosting you won't go wrong either way

@chris Great info, cheers. An initial look at their pricing is very attractive. Will jump in with Linode and get something back up tonight (after losing my server like this, I think backups are more important to me as it stands). Thanks for your time!

@stuts One thing on the backups to keep in mind... both are on-sight. Linode just does them more often (this isn't a push to the other but just something I should disclose). On both I still backup all my servers to a synology

@chris makes sense, any backups are better than the minimal backing up I was doing previously (nagios configs and site content). Appreciate the clarification 😊

@stuts Why not just do a T3a? That's what I have. Cheap for the smaller instances and works fine. They are burstable.

@WhoNeedszZz well, I was just running a small system like that and had *thought* that I had configured my spot request to accept even the normal price for the instance and, turns out, I probably didn't (no way to tell now as the launch group and any config I had done for it has literally disappeared).

Not married to the idea of using AWS, in fact, I'd be kinda glad to get away from it (I use it enough for work as it is!) and use something that doesn't leave me worrying about bill fluctuations.

@stuts What I'm referring to isn't a spot instance. That's what's giving you issues. What I'm referring to is the same price every month.

@WhoNeedszZz Prices still fluctuate from things like I/O an the like. I'm aware of the t3a instances but, also, think that these instances can be pretty pricey for what they are which is why I like to take advantage of the spot stuff

@stuts It's billed hourly. So the only price fluctuation is just the tiny difference from whether the month is 28, 30, or 31 days.

@WhoNeedszZz true, however the t instances also do CPU credit madness which can cause prices to fluctuate depending on server usage (using my VPS for more than just blog hosting may have caused me to tickle thresholds at times).

Also data egress costs are tiny but add up depending on usage. All-in-all, I'm just happy to have a single price-per-month and not have to worry about little things that can fluctuate

@stuts Sorry to hear you're having that outcome. I do plenty with my instance and have never run out of burst credits. But my understanding was that if you run out you don't get charged, but just can't burst until you have more credits. Is that not accurate?

@stuts Oddly enough I just ran out of credits because the latest Gitlab update has some kind of issue in it with cpu utilization and it went unnoticed for several hours. It dropped after, but is still using too much.

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