Another day, another request for this awesome community.

I'm currently struggling a bit to understand the limits/thresholds of overlap between various ActivityPub projects (Mastodon/PixelFed/Peertube).


Afaics, I can follow people from various mastodon instances. I can also, seemingly, follow people on PixelFed instances. What interests me next is how these 2 integrate, it makes total sense that a PixelFed post would appear in my feed with no issue, but how would text-only posts look on PixelFed if someone from there were to follow me?

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Further to the above, how do things like PeerTube work the other way around? It's all great being able to subscribe to PeerTube channels and see them in my feed but what if I wanted to post some content in a similar manner? Would it be more appropriate to just upload a video in a toot, or should I actually create a PeerTube instance for hosting content? Would audience reach be better on one than the other?

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Finally, I suppose I initially misinterpreted how ActivityPub worked, I thought of it as a sort of "decentralized login" such that I would be able to go and visit other ActivityPub sites, logging in with my user credentials from here and then using the platform over there. This, I'm now aware, is completely wrong. But I wonder if the ideals of "one decentralized account to rule them all" is possible still?

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Yes - I wrote all of this out before breaking it up and posting as separate toots.

Yes - I really do need help.

Yes - I'm procrastinating work.

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