I miss the days of keyboard phones, becoming increasingly frustrated using touch keyboard and just want to simplify.

Is it too much to ask for a phone with:
- A decent battery life
- A keyboard (not even full qwerty, happy to go back to classic candybar)
- A privacy-focussed OS with some decent app capabilities (pretty much need telegram, some kind of maps app and a decent email client)

KaiOS honestly looks like a promising platform, anybody out there with experience using it?

GerdaOS looks like a promising expansion of functionality over KaiOS but it currently only seems to support one handset (Nokia 8110 4G) which is at least one option

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I guess what I'm ultimately asking is:


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@eletrotupi @PINE64 @postmarketOS I'm aware of the pinephone but looking for something with a physical keyboard 😅

@stem4u They're on quite the pricey side for what you get, imo. Definitely an option but also don't seem to see much from them in terms of long-lasting battery life.

@stuts Found anything yet? My favorites Fairphone (novel supply chain), but it's touchscreen.

@stem4u Only a couple of phones that look decent. There are many classic candybar ones but I've seen mixed reviews and I'm not sure if KaiOS will be enough (as I've read it doesn't do multi-tasking at all).

Current ones in my list:
- Hammer Smart 5
- Unihertz Titan (thanks to @machete_Badger for the recommendation)

Will update if I find any more of interest...

@stem4u The Fairphone does look good, especially the modular/replacements model. I'm (for some reason) really set on stepping back to a physical keyboard 😅

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