There were 3 games I was worried about running now I've ditched Windows; Rocket League, Civ V and Heroes of the Storm.

Thanks to and (because why mess with Wine when awesome people have put so much time and effort in?) I'm able to play all 3!!!

I will admit that there are performance hits, odd stutterings and the need to drop game settings to lower quality BUT it still counts as WORKING.

@stuts I miss how great HotS was during alpha. Last time I played it people completely ignored the map objectives. I don't understand that mentality. If you want to just team fight then go play one of the many games where that's all you do! Yeesh!

@WhoNeedszZz sorry to hear it man! I rarely play and, when I do, I luckily have a group I play with so people actually communicate and focus objective!

@stuts That's nice. I suppose I'd be interested in playing it when you're with a group and have the slot. But then again, since you deleted Windows I guess you won't be playing it anymore?

@WhoNeedszZz Well it works *well enough* via Wine (used Lutris recipe for Battle.Net installation), I haven't tested online with it but played against AI and it seemed to keep up 😄

@stuts Ah, that's good to know. I guess I'll have to try it out depending on what qualifies as "well enough", haha.

@WhoNeedszZz There's occasional frame rate drop (only a quick skip - not enough to warrant it 'effecting' my already shoddy skill) but seems to run smoothly otherwise on med graphics settings

@stuts I used to play the Linux version of Civ V. I still haven't tried Proton.

@AppleStrudelMan I actually hadn't tried the Linux version, I previously had a go at playing online with friends on the Mac version but those versions are no longer compatible. I just presumed the Linux/Window compat would be the same, perhaps I assumed too much 🤔

@stuts isn't proton just valves fork of wine? Also wine its self is pretty decent now days.

@jordan31 Yep, it is, and (from what I've read) they contribute things back to Wine's source too! From a purely lazy perspective (have used wine before but wanted to try out-of-the-box tools) the way Steam integrates proton (as Steam Play) and the installation profiles for Lutris meant that I was able to get games going with minimal terminal interaction (not that I'm averse to terminal, just wondering how accessible these things are to non-technical users).

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