A bit of toiling but now happily ticking along with Fedora 32 as my desktop OS.

Thoughts and Things:

- Giving KDE a go over Gnome was a great idea (KDE Connect is a cool little tool, too)

- TIL what Snap/Flatpaks are and am pleasantly surprised

- Steam's work on Linux gaming (along with all the FOSS community) looks incredibly promising (Rocket League on Linux despite them dropping Linux support? YES PLEASE)

- I may stop ironically saying "Year of the Linux Desktop"...

@stuts Thanks for mentioning KDE Connect. I just switched back to KDE from XFCE for the longest time. Sounds like a useful app.

Regarding Snap/Flatpak, have you ever given Arch a look? Their repos are bleeding edge (doesn't mean unstable) so you always have the latest. If something isn't in the repos there is always the AUR (Arch User Repository) that likely has what you're looking for.

@stuts Another DE I've been curious about for the longest time and tried off and on is Enlightenment. I can't quite put my finger on what made me switch back.

@stuts Btw to get KDE Connect to work I had to open the UDP ports in UFW: `sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp`


@WhoNeedszZz You are more secure than I, I just popped my interface into the "trusted" firewall zone!

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