Heard a strange squeaking sound today, wandered around the room trying to find the source. After minutes of crawling around it turned out to be THE CUP OF TEA I was carrying around with me...

Turns out little cracks in ceramic mugs can cause little wells of bubbles that drive me to insanity (the radiator was almost an innocent victim of this whole ordeal).

@stuts I've noticed this happening even with glass. It drove me nuts too the first time I noticed it.

@WhoNeedszZz glad I'm not the only one!!

I'm confused as to how (after 24 years of being a dedicated, stereotypical British tea drinker) I'm only just experiencing this for the first time?!

@stuts Well, if it makes you feel better I'm a long time tea drinker myself and also just noticed it more recently! 😆

@stuts And speaking of, I just got some Ahmad Ceylon OPA in yesterday! I LOVE Ceylon tea!

@WhoNeedszZz well, now I'm going down the rabbithole of tea grading...

Always learning new things on this platform!

@stuts Ha! Yes, a rabbit hole indeed. I've found it's not easy to find OPA either. I was really glad to see Ahmad having it.

@WhoNeedszZz congrats on finding some!

I'm having to pull myself away from the grading otherwise it'll become an increasingly expensive taste exercise and I've only just taken up "properly" enjoying whisky 😅

@stuts Ha, yeah it can get that way. Luckily the Ceylon was quite cheap. Tea really shouldn't cost much and I question the cost of the high-cost vendors.

@stuts Can relate to the proper enjoyment of Whiskey. I have a set of Glencairn glasses that are superb!

@WhoNeedszZz I'm quite the heathen just grabbing big boxes of PG tips or whichever other brand is on sale!

You've inspired me to try something new though, I shall revisit expanding my tea tastes in the near future.

Side note: that amazon link doesn't take me to smile but to their main site, that seems very cheeky on Amazon's part (if not some odd redirection issue on my phone?) and will add to the list of "why I try not to purchase from Amazon" 😅

@stuts Hmm, maybe it's a US only subdomain. Glad I gave you some momentum! I've been an Amazon customer for so long it's hard to break away, especially during this pandemic.

@WhoNeedszZz I've used smile over here in the UK. Very strange. And I do agree it's hard to break the habit! I suspect my partner is getting pretty sick of my moaning everytime she orders from there!

@stuts I don't know what better alternatives we have here in the US.

@WhoNeedszZz I suppose smaller, local sites or shops tailored to specific items, not really a single-place solution... I guess that's where I'm coming from! Either way, not condemning it, whatever works for you, pal ☺️

@stuts At least where I live that's hard to come by. I would love to support local. There's a fantastic shop that sells hand-mixed teas and spices, but I don't believe they have much in the lines of hardware. I should check them out again, but the pandemic has kept me staying home (like we should be doing!).

@stuts I just cracked open a new green tea and it's AMAZING! It's Himalayan Green Pearls by Vahdam Teas. They vacuum seal their packages straight after picking and the flavors are preserved. Absolutely phenomenal! Affordable price too.

@stuts I really like how they show you what the tea looks like as well as the color of the brewed result. Very cool!

@WhoNeedszZz wowsers! It all looks so fancy 😅 I especially agree with the brewed colour examples, very cool!

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