Public Reminder: NetworkManager can go die in a ditch, I just wanted to change the short hostname, not have you fail to update DNS settings and leave me without internet connection.

@stuts Use Wicd. Doesn't require systemd, and literally just calls ifconfig and wpa_supplicant and a couple of others for you. Easy to configure, low-level but with the details abstracted away so even a novice like former-me can use it…

NetworkManager works really well until it causes nothing but problems. Wicd causes minor annoyances occasionally but never breaks (though remember to tell it to use the new driver if you install one to get a new card to work!).

@wizzwizz4 thanks for the suggestion!

I'm not particularly fussed against bashing files and services around myself, I just hate how involved Network Manager gets by default 😅

@stuts NetworkManager has a purpose. It's nice that it autoconfigures everything, and that's good f you want it to Just Work™, but I've yet to find a setting that lets me tone it down without turning it off completely when I want to do anything "weird" (like getting new hardware to run).

I bash two types of software. One is trash, and the other is good enough that I use it and that it's frustrating it isn't better. NetworkManager's in the second category (or would be, if I didn't have Wicd).

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