Looking to ditch Facebook messenger for all my communication needs (I hate having to admit that is how I contact people).

Need something that's secure, trustworthy and easy-to-use (if I'm to convince non-techy friends to use it).

I've heard great things about Signal but seems Too Good To Be True™️.

What messaging platforms would you suggest?

@gomesteixeira Have you tried Signal too? How would you say they compare?

Luckily the name wasn't new to me thanks to this list - - although WhatsApp is on that list so that's why I'm not fully trusting it!

@stuts I have tried Signal a few years ago, so probably don't remember it well, but I think Signal requires you to sign-up with a phone number. Wickr doesn't require anything to sign-up, but because of that, it also doesn't offer password/account recovery.

@stuts honestly, Signal is your best bet there. There is the drawback, though, that you MUST have a phone number to use it (and you have to know other peoples' numbers to add them as contacts). That might be a big problem if any of your Facebook contacts don't have or don't want to share that particular bit of personal info.

@devlogic @stuts Oh the irony. Facebook users not willing to switch platforms because they don't want to hand out 0.0000000000001 % of information that FB and others already have on them. 🤦‍♂️

@stuts I've managed to get a bunch of non-geek friends and family to use #Wire. I've never used FB Messenger, so I have no idea if it covers all the same features. I do know that you can lose messages if you don't login for a while. Also, storage of shared photos/ files isn't long term persistent, which is a privacy feature and keeps storage costs down, but if you want to include shared storage of stuff like family photos/ videos, maybe try a #NextCloud instance that includes NextCloud Talk?

@strypey Very interesting and sounds like a useful ephemeral communication resource, will take a look. Thanks!

@codeHaiku I did notice this one has cross-device support which is certainly a feature I'd like! Does it require a phone number/email to sign up?

@stuts Only when you first sign up. I use Signal and Telegram. Signal is best for video calls. Telegram is best at everything else.

I have been using signal for a year. It works well as a Facebook messenger replacement. My major gripe is that you can't easily share things with multiple contacts - things have to be shared one by one.

It also wants your phone number for registration.

@solaslux Hmmm, group chats are certainly a selling point to me. Doesn't count Signal out, will still give it a go, but I like to have one message stream to chat to family...

Oh, you can have group chats. My gripe is more specific. Like in messenger, you can share a picture and the dialogue allows you time select multiple contacts at once not so in signal.

@stuts you could set up an XMPP server (prosody, ejabberd) and have the users use Conversations on Android and Gajim with Omemo plugin in Gnu+Linux. Chat Secure is supposed to support Omemo+XMPP on IOS, but i haven't tested that. I have no idea about Windows or OSX. Matrix might be an option, but it seems like there were baby dragons lurking about when i last looked at it. Maybe the townsfolk slayed them all since then?

@ITwrx Phew, there's a lot of new words and techs in there to have a look at. I'll be sure to do a dig into it!

Ideally trying to avoid running my own server for things (lazy foss boy!) but certainly not out of the consideration in the future when I try to consolidate all the various lil snippets of hosting and things I've got spread around the internet... 😅

@stuts sure. giving you the reference list was what i was going for. good luck with it. ps. you might consider reminding any future users that the weakest link is the end points. it doesn't matter how secure the transmission method, if the phone has 42 closed source/malware apps running on it. :)

@ITwrx All very good points, thanks for the overwhelming amount of options and paths!

@stuts If you have the number of your contacts use Signal, if you don't want to share that info, use Wire where you have a profile and connect to people by searching for their @ name

Signal is good. Wire is very good. I use XMPP, but non technical friends may resent having to select a server.

@stuts signal, telegram, wire would be my recommendations, in that order. All are extremely simple to set up. Install, login, send messages.

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