Are you going to next week?

Would love to πŸ‘‹ to new FOSS friends in Denver!

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@stuts Would love to attend events like πŸ‘† in the future.

@stuts 🀝Me too. Thank you for your kind words.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

@stuts Might have to look into it next year. It's a little far to drive, but flights aren't too expensive.

@mike Do it! I've heard a lot of good things about the convention.

First time going for myself, flying over from the UK so quite the journey lined up this weekend.

@stuts Yea, I'll say! You'll have to give us all a report on how things go!

@stuts wish I was going, but I've had enough travel this year I guess

@alok99 Shame!

But seriously, hopefully your current travels have been a lot of fun!

@stuts overall, yeah pretty fun πŸ˜€ so it is nice to sit a conference out. SC has always been my favorite though; maybe next year? Supposedly SC20 will be in Atlanta

@alok99 This will be my first conference πŸ™ˆ

What other ones have you visited this year?

Interesting! Hopefully next year 😁

@stuts this year most of my travel was actually personal, though I did attend VIS in Vancouver a couple weeks ago. Usually go to VIS, EuroVis, and SC

@stuts Just arrived this morning. Great weather today, too!

@desantis Awesome! The weather is lovely today although I'm still adjusting to the altitude 🀯

See you around the event!

@stuts Did you sign-up for technical programs and/or workshops? We've actually got a booth, SSERCA.

@desantis Haven't signed up for anything, I'm exhibiting at the Alces Flight booth.

From the looks of things, kinda close to yours so will try to make paths cross!

@stuts That's awesome! I'm sure we could easily catch-up over the course of the next few days. I assume you'll be at the opening gala tonight, then? I know my group will end up going to Wynkoop brewing tonight, too!

@desantis Yep! Will be at both the gala and the beowulf bash tonight.

Wynkoop is a great venue though, had a lot of fun there last night!

@stuts Dude, thanks for the head's up about the Beowulf bash. I am sharing the link with my group.

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