Well, Mastodon looks great. Like some sort of Twitter/Reddit hybrid *and* it's FOSS?!

Hoping to use this to transition away from Big Bad Facebook™️.

Anyone out here had any luck with that? :blobthinkingeyes:

@stuts Welcome! Never had a Facebook account, Mastodon and other members of the Fediverse are more than enough to fullfill my social network needs.

@ericbuijs Thanks! And that's glorious to hear, I've had a Facebook account since I was around 11 so it's been in my life too long at this point.

I think it's great that you're fulfilling social needs with the Fediverse! It gives me hope!

Are there any other servers you'd recommend joining? I'm currently only in this one...

@stuts For Mastodon this instance serves all my needs (since they're all federated) However I'm also on Friendica ( Friendica enables me to communicate with users within the Fediverse (not only Mastodon but also Diaspora and Pleroma for instance).

This link gives a good summary of the Fediverse and it's members. It also contains good links for further reading.

@ericbuijs "Fediverse", "Pleroma" "Diaspora"... Well I certainly have a lot of new terminology and services to learn about!

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out and hopefully this can become a comfy new home on the internet!

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