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Fish are the leaves of the ocean πŸŸπŸƒ

Happy (early) to any fellow paganistic folk out there!

Went on a little adventure to connect with nature and feel some peace, bring on summer!

Hey FOSS friends - I have a question to !

What are your thoughts on Gener8?

I've recently heard mention of it for privacy control (+ reward) online and it sounds *too good to be true* to my privacy paranoia.

Does anyone have any light they could shine on this topic?

Looks to me like it's just making a bit of fake currency for selling your data to advertisers which, I suppose, is better than giving it away for free?

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What an utterly chaotic football match that was, coming away with 3 points, 4 goals and Saka scoring a penalty to put the Euros behind him... I'm euphoric right now!


(Football's allowed on Fosstodon, right? πŸ˜‰ )

A bunch of bumble bees have decided that the air-con outlets at work are *the* place to bee 🐝

At the point where I *should* go to bed but I *want* to stay up bleary eyed hacking away at a project :oh_no_blob:

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I've ranted about that on here before (and that's not the purpose of these toots).

I roughly recall my count being around 250 unique bands, 330 including repeats (I lost the file pre-lockdown).

I've kept kicking down the road the painful process of digging out ticket stubs, internet deep diving and somehow putting together mental festival weekends until recently...

I'm about a third of the way through the rebuild, in LibreOffice calc, I can't wait to finish it and never lose this again!

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For years I kept track of the bands I had seen live. It started out as a note on my old iPod Touch where I'd list them and note in brackets if I'd seen them more than once.

After a few years of maintaining this I moved the list to Google Sheets, from here I could have a separate column for the number of times I'd seen a band and could get easy grand totals for "Unique Bands Seen" and "Total Seen Including Repeats".

When I migrated away from Google Drive I accidentally lost this file...


Last week was probably my strangest week of listening.

- Discovered Rina Sawayama, what an absolute pop delight
- Saw The Zangwills live in London (they absolutely smashed it)
- Somehow found myself back on Scissor Sisters' debut album

Both services have returned, I suppose we're safe.... For now!

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It's at times like these where the benefits of decentralisation can be shown to the unknowing.

Have been able to reach a few people via my matrix server. Perhaps this will get the people in my server to try Revolt... (shoutout to @edel 's toot for reminding me this project exists)

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AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & Cloudflare all okay according to their status sites... This is weird.

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Are and down for anyone else?

Looks like Spotify is definitely a problem at their end... Not sure about Discord...

Is this another AWS outage?

doom, dread and despair 

Feels like the world is falling apart.

From local issues like increases of costs across the board (energy price hike, ever-increasing food costs, additional vehicle taxes, etc) and housing market supply/demand. Funny how wages fall further behind costs.

Global issues go without saying...

How the fuck does this get fixed?! Where the hell is humanity going??

I'm aware I'm privileged, most of these problems aren't the difference between being able to eat or not. I worry.

I've reached new levels of weird playlist theming 🀘

After a pretty crappy day it's been a real relief to watch pull it out of the bag. Got a lot of love for those lads on the pitch playing their hearts out! COYG! ⚽

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Feels like a good time to share this. Ignea are a Ukrainian metal band using some oriental influences in their music, but this is probably their masterpiece, released after Russia took Crimea

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Tonight, at 10:22pm, the time & date will read:

22:22:22 22/2/22

And if you are to add all those numbers together:

2 + 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2 you get 22!

"So did you find a new band you liked last week?"

(shoutout to

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