Hey FOSS Friends, I need your help!

Looking to find a decent home instance for my partner, something that fits her interests! Art/tattoos/witchcraft.

Any suggestions?? 🀘

Stuck in a music loop, for the past month or so I've been listening to nothing else but All Hail (Norma Jean) and Cosmic Thrill Seekers (Prince Daddy and the Hyena)... These albums are all I need right now 🀘

There were 3 games I was worried about running now I've ditched Windows; Rocket League, Civ V and Heroes of the Storm.

Thanks to and (because why mess with Wine when awesome people have put so much time and effort in?) I'm able to play all 3!!!

I will admit that there are performance hits, odd stutterings and the need to drop game settings to lower quality BUT it still counts as WORKING.

First toot! hehe toot. god i love that so much more than tweet rn like...toot is such a fun thing to say


A bit of toiling but now happily ticking along with Fedora 32 as my desktop OS.

Thoughts and Things:

- Giving KDE a go over Gnome was a great idea (KDE Connect is a cool little tool, too)

- TIL what Snap/Flatpaks are and am pleasantly surprised

- Steam's work on Linux gaming (along with all the FOSS community) looks incredibly promising (Rocket League on Linux despite them dropping Linux support? YES PLEASE)

- I may stop ironically saying "Year of the Linux Desktop"...

Heard a strange squeaking sound today, wandered around the room trying to find the source. After minutes of crawling around it turned out to be THE CUP OF TEA I was carrying around with me...

Turns out little cracks in ceramic mugs can cause little wells of bubbles that drive me to insanity (the radiator was almost an innocent victim of this whole ordeal).

A week of mandatory use of face masks and I'm beginning to understand why Darth Vader is always so grumpy.

Basically, I made it very clear (and in these exact words), that you should not trust this app, you should not download this app, and you should not use this app.)

#NHSApp #ContactTracing

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During this pandemic, nonprofits and the communities they serve depend more than ever before on the Internet. This is not just a victory for the web; this is a victory for aid organizations, corporate watchdogs, museums, clubs, and everyone working in the public interest.

Mastodon usage question - Is there a way to browse another server from my current one?

I can see the local server feed and a federated feed but I think a really useful feature would be to be able to browse feeds from other servers. Ideally I'd love to have a sort of "personal federated feed" whereby I can subscribe to various servers that have interesting subjects.

Or is this a misunderstanding on the workings/usage of federated social media?

All help appreciated!

I wish eggplants would grow actual vegan eggs instead of being the most boring tasting of all vegetables.

@oranje and @stuts asked for a penguin. So, here's my take on a penguin. πŸ™‚

And to follow this up... INTERACTIONS.

Tw*tter feels like shouting into the void. Love this lil active community.

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Fosstodon is such an amazing community, I feel like I've badly neglected it over the last couple of months.

Everytime I'm here I see interesting people doing awesome things and sharing cool technologies. There's always something new to find.

Keep being awesome 🀘

If you want the code/project, credits for the assets or links to guides I've been using to learn - keeping all of this in a public repo ❀️


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@rho thanks for the like, and I recognise your website (definitely one I'd seen before my redesign and thought to myself "how do they make it so simple _and_ beautiful??")

I had intended to spend my night tapping around like an idiot on my dance pad but instead fell down Unity 2D game dev rabbithole, learning a lot and wondering where time is going! I'll get around to Stepmania tomorrow, now, it's late and time to chill out.

(Yes, they're naked)
((No, I do not intend on dressing them anytime soon))

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