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Tutanota is blocked in Russia to stop encrypted communication. We need to fight for privacy around the world. ✊ If you are affected, you can still access Tutanota with @torproject or a vpn.
#privacy #surveillance #russia #censorship #freespeech

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Hello Fosstodon!

I created a Fosstodon profile to be able to better engage in Fediverse comments on my blog posts and other threads. You can follow my blog at @en and @de.

I'm a developer and blogger from Germany and always curious to discover new things online.

Feel free to contact me! 😊

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I downgraded my phone but upgraded my life i will chat on here from my laptop only when out and about i will unplug #lightphone2

Anyone use Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma ? In my opinion its fantastic and so smooth.

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So, you've joined Fosstodon and are wondering, "now, how does this work?"

One thing that sets Fosstodon apart from traditional social media outlets (and some other instances) is the community's willingness to help and offer valuable feedback. This is especially true with new members.

Please don't hesitate to raise a hand (toot) and ask questions. If you prefer some reading material, @kev has written a great article to help you get started:


Fosstodon is an English speaking Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.