Somebody here wrote about the excellent Street Complete app for editing. As an OSM veteran I had to try it out, and completed all the missing quests in my area - I thought. But now I've levelled up and and my screen is full of new quests, LOL.

EXPOSED! Microsoft Again second expose on US surveillance contracts 

I've been learning git. I have used it before but this time without using any gui. straight from the command line. i think that this is a fundamental skill to have for the future.

i think that i am going to have to practice a lot to get it ingrained in my head.

if you have a choice between two identically skilled people, pick the better writer.

i am trying to be a better writer. i am also learning to touch type. which is easier said than done.

reflective practice is important for learning.

Does anyone know if there is a mastodon server specifically for DIY musicians in US? I'm interested in the potential of starting one for my local scene in Chicago, and potentially beyond.

i want to create something small, open and sustainable that provides for my family and lets me work on things i am proud of.

i am alive. i have form. i have installed @elementary onto an old laptop. I am ready.


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