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I feel like ditching firefox completely now, that addon issue is a major fuckup, it even affected torproject , so I'm moving all my regular browsing over to Iridium Browser ( ) , feels like the best choice.

Wrote a new post on my personal website, feel free to check it out. , and if you like something on there then feel free to comment! (I'm always excited when I see comments on stuff I write).

Got my new dumb phone today, and it's tiny! Good bye google!

At least two seeds have sprouted, so I'm very pleased right now. :)

I published the code for the blender PBRT render exporter in github. All future work on it will be done there.
See here for more info :

want a simpler phone to kick my phone 'addiction' (mindless surfing and so on), but I do not want to pay much, so I ordered this one today:

I planted 6 seeds from the world's largest cactus species today (elephant cactus). I'm going to grow a lot of other types too, but this one is my favorite. I hope to grow one and have it in a huge pot.

Our dog Pablo (Mexican hairless, xolo) enjoying some warm sun today :)

Added support for exporting mirror shader in my PBRT exporter for blender. Very close to pushing the first release of my addon - and keep working on it in the open for anyone to use. :)

Worlds largest vessel is doing a operation in our harbour. Took my kids with me to have a look. awesome sight.

I feel inspired tonight, so I opened a scene I started on some time ago in blender, time to add more details to it. Like it so far - currently blocking out things as I move along, not focusing on small details, just layout and such. the screenshot is from the eevee viewport.

Some pictures from a hike I did last Sunday. Walked about 20km in the forest that surrounds my house. Love having this kind of nature just outside my doorstep.

Oh, facebook is down? Crazy that the news is covering that, there are more important things happening in the world today. And if it would not have been for the news I would not know at all, because I'm not on facebook.

Cool stuff, on , very cool that it works there. and one of very few game engines \ editors (if not the only one) that has info about how to compile it on openbsd in their documentation. Is also in openbsd as binary package ready to install.

Also did this render back then. The model of the woman was from a cd that came with a 3dsmax modelling book (quake related), the rest of the scene I made my self, rendered it with ‘finalrender’ plugin for 3dsmax. I do not know how long ago, but over 13 years ago.

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