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My daughter (6) does not have her own laptop. But today I woke up and she proudly showed me her own laptop that she drew this morning. She looked at mine on the kitchen table and made this on her own.

So, I want some more people to follow, if you are a coder \ 3D \ game artist etc, then let me know, or follow me and I'll follow back. I want to follow people who have the same interests as what I have. Feel free to 'boost' for reach!

Just bought 'Gary Grigsbys War in the West', been wanting this games since it came out. Best part is that it runs smoothly on linux with steam proton! :) Very cheap now, so all worth it! Looking forward to sit down with it now.

“Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI - Digital Deluxe” is very cheap on humble bundle store right now. Finally bought it! (you get a key you redeem on steam), best part of it all - supports linux like previous versions.

Finished all the shader gui tweaks on my exporter, so now I'm going to test each one and make sure they export with the new parameters. The code will be cleaner and work better with the new parameters, so I'm happy with it.

I now have input 'slot' for different textures in my blender pbrt exporter. Min\max for float value, and you can drag a texture to the input color 'slot' to use as texture. Starting to look like something now.

Been sick all week (lung infection), getting better now, hate being off work and home doing nothing for so long, so I’m looking forward to get back to work again on Monday feeling like my self again.

Someone is trying to trick me to install trojans through email, I get these kind of emails almost daily. Now Ill start a new hobby which will be to reverse engineer the trojans and try to follow their tracks.

Today I'm sitting down playing 'Unreal world', great game, graphics speaks for itself, but I do not mind that kind of graphics, game play is really good. So far I'm really enjoying this game, especially since you get to put your skills to the test.

Fixing bugs in my exporter, and adding some features. Currently testing each shader to make sure they behave the way they should when rendered. some values are still causing the render engine to crash when it has rendered for a good while. At least I can reproduce the bugs and get them posted in the pbrt bug-tracker later on. I also have to go through each shader and make sure they have the correct default value and min/max settings and such in the custom blender shader nodes.

Heh, this morning I woke up and wondered why my laptop had died, it seemed to have shut itself off completely, then tonight I was going to fix it, touched the mouse and I realize the laptop had no issues, I had just forgotten that I taped over every single LED last night. hah

Been looking a long time for a GUI for a c++ game I want to prototype. I ended up using Nanogui-SDL with SDL2, been wanting to learn more SDL2, so it's perfect for what I need right now.

I just now realized that CentOS runs on Raspberry Pi , I had totally forgotten. Installing it and setting it up tonight. I love that OS.

"A few days ago news broke that 50 million users’ accounts had been breached. Here’s a timeline (dating way back to 2003) of the other times Facebook did bad things."

I now export the environment map or color in the PBRT exporter. Small but important feature, in my previous tests it was hard-coded. I try and fix one feature each night I have time for coding.

I'm happy to say that I got my PBRT exporter working in Blender 2.8, so now I'm switching over. I'm lagging behind on releasing it, but it'll be my focus each night this week.

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