@claudiom Ah yes, EeePC - I have one of those somewhere in the basement too! I have honestly not used it for anything since it was bought, it was my girlfriend who bought it, and she never used it.

@stardot It was a stage4 tarball with everything included, so I did not have to compile everything from source to get it up and running.

@claudiom It's the last model they sold. 8089_B, I bought it 6 years ago. My favorite computer!

Got @gentoo installed on my 'Lemote yeeloong' laptop, surprisingly easy to install. And it has a fully useable desktop straight away.

diasporapod.no has been successfully upgraded to the latest version of diaspora, I have also taken a full backup of the server.

I have written a small post on my website about my tinkering with during my recent Christmas vacation time - stigatle.no/index.php/2019/01/

@don_stokes Thats something we use yes. Very nice feature, and makes it much easier to handle memory and all that. :)

@naavis Yeah, just local places around where I live, I enjoy taking walks around different places.
I have more pictures here:

Last hike in 2018. Walked here with my kids this morning. Next year I want to bring them with me up in the mountains and camp up there.

@mike I've gone through that too. But what helps is to tell them in advance, then day before or earlier. I bring snacks ('healthy' biscuits) (lots of it) and water bottles, then when we are out I try to find things for them to do while walking, for example teach them how to see the trail markings, then we see who can see the next ones first and so on. Whining will always be there, but it helps a lot. And they will be greatfull later on when they grow up and think about the nice trips they had.

Got Marlyn and our kids out for a walk this morning. These images shows why I love doing that.

@MOTT Also - it took time because I needed to compile xorg as well, and that took some time on that old laptop.

@MOTT Well, I had trouble getting the desktop installed, and the reason was very simple once I knew. I had to 'merge configs', I did not know that was the root of my issue (tried installing things over and over). Now that I know it's no big deal and goes much faster. Currently installing it on my main laptop, with full disk encryption as well, I now used this guide for that:


The gentoo handbook is all you need to get it installed:

Took 2 days, but I got it done, gentoo with xfce4, just the way I like it.

Finally fixed a but I've been fighting for a day, now the roughness map exports as it should in my blender PBRT exporter. 'Matte' and 'glass' materials are now working with the new code. Now I have it all solved and can update the rest of the shader export code.

So, finally installing pure on my laptop. I have never done that before, usually I've been using one of those 'desktop ready' distro's, now I'm doing it all from the scratch.
Got it installed yesterday, booted up fine. Now I'm currently installing xfce4, it's a old laptop so it'll take a good while.

Really nice Christmas morning. Kids are super excited, so are we. Merry Christmas to all of you!

My garmin GPS fails to start since the battery refuses to charge, fails to start even when powered with cable.
So I bought a GPS module for my raspberry pi. and I have a LCD screen I want to use too, so now I can finally make my own GPS navigation device for my car.

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