@ybalrid Ah yes, that is correct (I totally forgot about the money you have to pay them if you make a game). I'm so focused on free and fully open source that I forgot that about Unreal, haha.

@ybalrid Yeah, I agree with all your points. The AMD driver is good, that's what I use on my laptop. It works very well.

@ybalrid Yeah, I love that tool. I have a big project I started on in the earliest versions, I need to port that over to the latest code. I'm very impressed with the latest features. They'll add vulkan support too (and he asked if 'we' wanted him to document the implementation, and everyone said yes :) ). I'll probably start again soon. I prefer godot over unreal for personal projects, since unreal is a bit overwhelming and 'bloated' for my kind of personal projects, godot is more what I need.

@ybalrid Freebsd never played nice with my hardware, so I have not used it much at all. I also have Nvidia gtx 1060, but also one machine with integrated intel graphics, and a laptop with ATI card in it. But I always buy nvidia graphics cards when I buy for workstation.

@ybalrid GPU support and such is better on freebsd. But I prefer openbsd over all bsd oses. The reason is their project goals : openbsd.org/goals.html

@ybalrid They have done work there. but I think intel and amd is whats working best. No nvidia driver or anything like that. I have to admit that right now Im back trying to get gentoo working as I want as daily OS - because It has what Im missing when using openbsd as desktop os. But I am using openbsd as server OS at least. Im often jumping between the two because I like them both. Right now I use CloverOS cloveros.ga/ , its very well made, just miss full disk encryption.

@glow There are many ways to do what you want, but still - its very easy to do with clonezilla. How you want to do it is up to you :) I just wanted to share the info in case you did not know about it. I have used it a lot my self, and I always do use it when backing up disks and cloning etc. Very nice piece of software.

@glow I would use clonezilla to move it over from one HD to another. clonezilla.org/

@hawkinsw I've installed it on both. Works equally well on both of them.
Hardware works. They install firmware during install. you can also run the 'fw_update' command to update it if needed.

Some pictures from a hike I did last Sunday. Walked about 20km in the forest that surrounds my house. Love having this kind of nature just outside my doorstep.

Oh, facebook is down? Crazy that the news is covering that, there are more important things happening in the world today. And if it would not have been for the news I would not know at all, because I'm not on facebook.

Cool stuff, on , very cool that it works there. and one of very few game engines \ editors (if not the only one) that has info about how to compile it on openbsd in their documentation. Is also in openbsd as binary package ready to install.

@wizzwizz4 Not 13 years to render, but the image was made 13 years ago. Took some days to render it.

Also did this render back then. The model of the woman was from a cd that came with a 3dsmax modelling book (quake related), the rest of the scene I made my self, rendered it with ‘finalrender’ plugin for 3dsmax. I do not know how long ago, but over 13 years ago.

I made this render 13 years ago, took FOREVER to render it on the CPU. I just found it while looking through some backup drives.

Tonight I've been spending time setting up openbsd , very easy to install with full disk encryption, got a nice lightweight desktop running (openbox + tint2), currently installing development tools and all the 'daily' stuff I need. I'll give it a serious try now.

@ataraxia937 Thanks for the info. I'm following the guide here:

And it has all the info I need.
I think where I messed up earlier was when I defined my volume ID's, I think I got them wrong last time.
Currently compiling the kernel. So I'll know soon if I got everything right this time (hope so).

Got some time for my computers tonight! Spending time once again with gentoo installation, still trying to get that full disk encryption going. I think I have it now, currently compiling the kernel, then grub, then I'll know.

My blender PBRT exporter scripts can now install from a zip through the addon panel, feels good to have that sorted. :) It shows up the way it should now. One step closer to first release!

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