Worlds largest vessel is doing a operation in our harbour. Took my kids with me to have a look. awesome sight.

I feel inspired tonight, so I opened a scene I started on some time ago in blender, time to add more details to it. Like it so far - currently blocking out things as I move along, not focusing on small details, just layout and such. the screenshot is from the eevee viewport.

Some pictures from a hike I did last Sunday. Walked about 20km in the forest that surrounds my house. Love having this kind of nature just outside my doorstep.

Oh, facebook is down? Crazy that the news is covering that, there are more important things happening in the world today. And if it would not have been for the news I would not know at all, because I'm not on facebook.

Cool stuff, on , very cool that it works there. and one of very few game engines \ editors (if not the only one) that has info about how to compile it on openbsd in their documentation. Is also in openbsd as binary package ready to install.

Also did this render back then. The model of the woman was from a cd that came with a 3dsmax modelling book (quake related), the rest of the scene I made my self, rendered it with ‘finalrender’ plugin for 3dsmax. I do not know how long ago, but over 13 years ago.

I made this render 13 years ago, took FOREVER to render it on the CPU. I just found it while looking through some backup drives.

My blender PBRT exporter scripts can now install from a zip through the addon panel, feels good to have that sorted. :) It shows up the way it should now. One step closer to first release!

Got @gentoo installed on my 'Lemote yeeloong' laptop, surprisingly easy to install. And it has a fully useable desktop straight away.

Last hike in 2018. Walked here with my kids this morning. Next year I want to bring them with me up in the mountains and camp up there.

Got Marlyn and our kids out for a walk this morning. These images shows why I love doing that.

Took 2 days, but I got it done, gentoo with xfce4, just the way I like it.

Finally fixed a but I've been fighting for a day, now the roughness map exports as it should in my blender PBRT exporter. 'Matte' and 'glass' materials are now working with the new code. Now I have it all solved and can update the rest of the shader export code.

Really nice Christmas morning. Kids are super excited, so are we. Merry Christmas to all of you!

The new code for texture map export now works for the first material. So now I can add this to all the other materials as well. Big step in the right direction, makes the code much cleaner and easier to maintain, also makes the shader nodes in blender look good.

My daughter (6) does not have her own laptop. But today I woke up and she proudly showed me her own laptop that she drew this morning. She looked at mine on the kitchen table and made this on her own.

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