Got @gentoo installed on my 'Lemote yeeloong' laptop, surprisingly easy to install. And it has a fully useable desktop straight away.

Last hike in 2018. Walked here with my kids this morning. Next year I want to bring them with me up in the mountains and camp up there.

Got Marlyn and our kids out for a walk this morning. These images shows why I love doing that.

Took 2 days, but I got it done, gentoo with xfce4, just the way I like it.

Finally fixed a but I've been fighting for a day, now the roughness map exports as it should in my blender PBRT exporter. 'Matte' and 'glass' materials are now working with the new code. Now I have it all solved and can update the rest of the shader export code.

Really nice Christmas morning. Kids are super excited, so are we. Merry Christmas to all of you!

The new code for texture map export now works for the first material. So now I can add this to all the other materials as well. Big step in the right direction, makes the code much cleaner and easier to maintain, also makes the shader nodes in blender look good.

My daughter (6) does not have her own laptop. But today I woke up and she proudly showed me her own laptop that she drew this morning. She looked at mine on the kitchen table and made this on her own.

Finished all the shader gui tweaks on my exporter, so now I'm going to test each one and make sure they export with the new parameters. The code will be cleaner and work better with the new parameters, so I'm happy with it.

I now have input 'slot' for different textures in my blender pbrt exporter. Min\max for float value, and you can drag a texture to the input color 'slot' to use as texture. Starting to look like something now.

Fixing bugs in my exporter, and adding some features. Currently testing each shader to make sure they behave the way they should when rendered. some values are still causing the render engine to crash when it has rendered for a good while. At least I can reproduce the bugs and get them posted in the pbrt bug-tracker later on. I also have to go through each shader and make sure they have the correct default value and min/max settings and such in the custom blender shader nodes.

I now export the environment map or color in the PBRT exporter. Small but important feature, in my previous tests it was hard-coded. I try and fix one feature each night I have time for coding.

I'm happy to say that I got my PBRT exporter working in Blender 2.8, so now I'm switching over. I'm lagging behind on releasing it, but it'll be my focus each night this week.

Today we all went to a forest that is also a nature reserve. Was very nice there. I was looking for new places to and decided on this.

Our dog Pablo (Mexican hairless, Xoloitzcuintli ) Is having his birthday today, 11 years old already. Today he'll get some extra treats.

Here is the same one with U and V roughness, gives impression of frosted glass. I like this effect. I'm adding the support for that texture as well now, nice for making frosted logos on glass and such.

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