Got my new dumb phone today, and it's tiny! Good bye google!

@stigatle I've been thinking of taking this jump too. How's the battery life doing so far?

@apetresc That was\is my main concern, holding up well so far. I'll know more tomorrow, since I'll charge it fully tonight and then have it with me all day as usual, so I'll post a update tomorrow on that.

@stigatle Looks cool. Is that image in the middle the screen size?

@fatboy Yes, correct. that's the whole screen. Small, but does the job.

@stigatle Unironic serious question here, what on earth is that?

@stigatle I looked at getting something similar to that as an emergency phone. Never did pull the trigger..I also thought of getting something like that as a phone, then an ipod touch for consumption of other things

@stigatle Let us know--hopefully it helps you take some of your time back!

@stigatle Can you give more information, which brand, where to buy?

I've got this as a secundary (tertiary actually) phone

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