Took 2 days, but I got it done, gentoo with xfce4, just the way I like it.

@stigatle Well done. I ran Gentoo with KDE for a number of years. The most frustrating part of the experience was the frequent breakage occurring to emerge which required forced installs of binary fixes.

@stigatle ooh. This is exactly what I want to install sometime. But I have to have the time and the inclination. Why does it take two days? What's goes into the installation of Gentoo?

@MOTT Well, I had trouble getting the desktop installed, and the reason was very simple once I knew. I had to 'merge configs', I did not know that was the root of my issue (tried installing things over and over). Now that I know it's no big deal and goes much faster. Currently installing it on my main laptop, with full disk encryption as well, I now used this guide for that:

The gentoo handbook is all you need to get it installed:

@MOTT Also - it took time because I needed to compile xorg as well, and that took some time on that old laptop.

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