The latest blender pbrt exporter code has been pushed!
'medium' is checked in for glass shader node.
Looks cool. More to come! (I love working on this project!
You find the addon at :

My ISP wants to sell me ' wifi home mesh network router' , all I have to say about that is 'Fuck no'.

Bought this one on ebay (used). Looking forward to reading it.

Just finished GOT , I think that was a good ending to the series. I've enjoyed every moment of that series. It's going to be hard to find something better next time.

Working on some code tonight, working on that 'medium' node for the PBRT blender exporter, writing the export routine.

Working on my PBRT exporter for blender, adding 'blackbody' node type,
here's the first test with that applied to a mesh.
It will be a material node that you can apply to any mesh to make it emit light.

Step one is complete! Now I can plan my code and get started.

I have a small web application that I want to develop (my own simple basic image gallery), I've decided to try and develop it on , with this stack : , I want to learn more about it, and my project is a great way to start, since it's a simple one.

I feel like ditching firefox completely now, that addon issue is a major fuckup, it even affected torproject , so I'm moving all my regular browsing over to Iridium Browser ( ) , feels like the best choice.

Wrote a new post on my personal website, feel free to check it out. , and if you like something on there then feel free to comment! (I'm always excited when I see comments on stuff I write).

Got my new dumb phone today, and it's tiny! Good bye google!

At least two seeds have sprouted, so I'm very pleased right now. :)

I published the code for the blender PBRT render exporter in github. All future work on it will be done there.
See here for more info :

want a simpler phone to kick my phone 'addiction' (mindless surfing and so on), but I do not want to pay much, so I ordered this one today:

I planted 6 seeds from the world's largest cactus species today (elephant cactus). I'm going to grow a lot of other types too, but this one is my favorite. I hope to grow one and have it in a huge pot.

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