Got @gentoo installed on my 'Lemote yeeloong' laptop, surprisingly easy to install. And it has a fully useable desktop straight away. has been successfully upgraded to the latest version of diaspora, I have also taken a full backup of the server.

I have written a small post on my website about my tinkering with during my recent Christmas vacation time -

Last hike in 2018. Walked here with my kids this morning. Next year I want to bring them with me up in the mountains and camp up there.

Got Marlyn and our kids out for a walk this morning. These images shows why I love doing that.

Took 2 days, but I got it done, gentoo with xfce4, just the way I like it.

Finally fixed a but I've been fighting for a day, now the roughness map exports as it should in my blender PBRT exporter. 'Matte' and 'glass' materials are now working with the new code. Now I have it all solved and can update the rest of the shader export code.

So, finally installing pure on my laptop. I have never done that before, usually I've been using one of those 'desktop ready' distro's, now I'm doing it all from the scratch.
Got it installed yesterday, booted up fine. Now I'm currently installing xfce4, it's a old laptop so it'll take a good while.

Really nice Christmas morning. Kids are super excited, so are we. Merry Christmas to all of you!

My garmin GPS fails to start since the battery refuses to charge, fails to start even when powered with cable.
So I bought a GPS module for my raspberry pi. and I have a LCD screen I want to use too, so now I can finally make my own GPS navigation device for my car.

The new code for texture map export now works for the first material. So now I can add this to all the other materials as well. Big step in the right direction, makes the code much cleaner and easier to maintain, also makes the shader nodes in blender look good.

Good morning to you all! I'm still enjoying that time off work. Kids are at school and kindergarten now, so I'm enjoying some silence and are now coding for some hours on my own project :) Yay!

These arrived in the mail today, very pleased with then. They where super comfortable to use, and great sound.

“Internal documents show that the social network gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and others far greater access to people’s data than it has disclosed.”

My next small project will be to see if I can get all this up and running on my 'Lemote yeeloong mipsel laptop' with - If that runs I'll add my laptop's webserver to a subdomain on my personal website, then get some cool stuff running there.

I like to pick a topic to be my main focus for the year, this year I chose to get into blender and blender development, went very well. I'll still do that, but main focus for 2019 will be more c++ programming. I want to learn more and get better.

I'm messing around with openbsd on my Lemote yeeloong mipsel laptop tonight. Had some bios boot issues, got that resolved (finally, was a pain in the ass to boot it until now), so now it boots up fine to a minimal openbox desktop. Next is to get wifi working.

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