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Russell Yanofsky belongs in the Bitcoin Hall of Legends. I'm looking at this week's merge of

- 31 months from open to merge
- updated or rebased 152 times
- created almost a dozen spin-off PRs
- almost 200 comments by all reviewers

That's commitment.


Marty's Ƀent - March 21st, 2019 - Issue #445




The 10 countries with the highest inflation


@zlax lol.. I do the same with a lot of French, German and Spanish posts that I see. I have nothing against Slavic languages, I just prefer not needing to scroll over posts I can't understand.

@kennetmattfolk Depends on what you want. Any phone on the LineageOS device list will run it. But Fairphone is about more than just LineageOS I guess. Librem too, but I agree that the price is too high especially for a UX that no one experienced yet.

@zlax I don't understand what you mean.. I post in English and I want posts in English or Dutch. Other posts I can't understand. So I filter them out. But if they are not tagged as having that language, they still show.

@XanaAsturiana @colegota In your settings you can select the languages you want to see posts in. But many many posts are either not tagged or tagged with English when they are not.

@vanyok You can set your posting language at the top of your "Preferences" in your Mastodon settings.
Currently it only allows you to set a single language.
I created a feature request for the lack of more dynamic language tagging:
Please show your support of the issue if you also lack this feature.

@smukis My Mastodon account is configured to mark all my posts as having English content.

@colegota I have my client configured to "only show English posts" and your Spanish post shows up. This means your post is not correctly marked as having Spanish content. I only know about Mastodon, but please check if your client allows you to configure the language for your posts. Thanks!

Is there a way to get the raw JSON or JSON object of a fediverse post from the URL? A CLI tool would do, but a static web-page would be even better.

@Firedragon888 Hmm. I'm trying to picture which aspects would not scale with population. Organisatorial overhead might increase, but I guess that's what the states are for, no?

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