@Xerbo Wait, your router is running on a Pi? How does that work?

Any other ways that turn out more successful? Sadly in my experience I can't seem to convince anyone if it isn't because they can make money :/
Then again, I can't seem to convince anyone in the same social circles that privacy is important.
@htimsxela @kallewoof

@thomas @fedilab @mastalab
Oh so it also does it for short posts? Cool, then I'll feature request that!

@thomas @fedilab @mastalab
Hmm, that should really not be needed. ActivityPub has a language field in the standard IIRC. Clients should just be more helpful for users to fill it.
Don't bother hashtagging. Let's instead just keep requesting the feature with developers :) (Like +1ing the Mastodon issue.)

Yeah I just don't know of an easy way to do that in any of my clients :/
Do you?
@fedilab @mastalab

I used IntelliJ back when I did a lot of . What kind of projects do you use Dart/#Flutter for?
In my experience worked definitely better for than Dart.

@fedilab if I click that link in the normal view, only the shown part of the URL is opened (ending in "/19/")

I don't think whether or not they lose the money in the end is relevant in this context. If Andreas does a talk he'll count that money in his fee and it just serves as an example.
If you do a similar talk, you either accept to spend that money on aiding the talk or. What happens with it after is irrelevant.
Except for UTXO spam of course :D
@htimsxela @kallewoof

Another aspect in this context is that when you have something that costs 3.50 euros, you clearly only care about 3 significant digits. So 364 bits should be sufficient instead of also naming the decimals there.

I think the denomination is more an issue in a PoS context. You literally can't pronounce Bitcoin amounts without feeling awkward. I've always been a fan of the "bits" denomination, but still in my head I think in BTC terms. Perhaps because I almost never them in a PoS context?
Any PoS software solution that shows BTC by default is doomed IMO. Satoshis are also not there yet "that's four million, three hundred fifteen thousand, two hundred eighty please".

That's very disconcerting.. I hear so many things that make me wonder why the USA is considered a first-world country lately.
They don't have a functioning democracy either, with a powerful presidency on top.
If only the rest of the world would step up its game and stop relying on the USA for military protection as much.

I was also amazed by it. I suspect perhaps countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy are affecting the numbers. Here in Portugal, I've at least heard the news talk about the importance of vaccines in an educational way. Something I would have expected to be trivial when I lived in Flanders.

Would you mind trying somehow to have your German posts tagged as German?
I opened github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ some time ago, so I know it's not obvious for you to manage (the automatic language detection is only enabled for long toots (github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/).
Perhaps the @fedilab devs are more interested in providing this feature? @mastalab

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