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@Minpwr Yeah I came across this some months ago, but forgot about it again. With 2018 being the year of the biggest Bitcoin hype cycle to date, quite an impressive prediction.

1988 The Economist issue predicts world currency in 2018

@kev @tootapp Did you count the characters? Maybe the bug is in the indicator?

@garrett Haven't coded in anything but (neo)vim for the last 3 years. Mostly Rust, Go, C++ and Python. Works quite great.
I have a tiled DE, though, so any non-terminal editor would feel awkward.
I love how fast and efficient the key bindings are. You never get the same experience with "Vim keybindings plugins" etc.

Lately there have been tons of Vim plugins improving the "looks" for it as well. Don't really use any of those, but I've seen Vims that look better than Atom or VSC.

@marsxyz Yeah that's why I asked. So it appears to be only there, yes.

@marsxyz Some highschool kids are on the streets during school time to demand action against . And De Afspraak, some public channel news discussion program, just ridiculed the girl that started the action while giving Rik Torfs time to proclaim that climate science it not at all proven yet. :|
Our country has a far way to go, I guess.

@marsxyz Are students also protesting in Wallonia? (I don't live in Belgium anymore, but I saw some things pass by shared by friends..)

@GidiKroon @zge @pixeldev What version of Mastodon is that? How does it work? ENLIGHTEN ME!

@jcbrand Nice, in Brussels! I can't make it though, I'm in Lisbon for work that week.

@pixeldev That would be a great feature for Mastodon as well!

@zge @pixeldev I currently already have 3 hashtags open in Mastodon at all times and the traffic is not that big. I can't fit more in the width of my screen, so being able to follow them combined in a single feed would be great.

@z428 @alcinnz @strypey @pootz I tend to use and have the open-source filter on. Works quite great.

@mike I'd pick Apple over Windows any day. At least it has some of the UNIX command compatibility. And you don't have to put up with Putty.

@strypey Is your concern closed source drivers? Or just open source software with non-FSF licenses?

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