1988 The Economist issue predicts world currency in 2018

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This projet defeat ReCaptcha with 91% accuracy 🤩. How? You might ask. They ask for the audio challenge, dl the mp3, forward it to Google Speech2Text API and submit the answer back... and it works 🤦🏻‍♂️ buff.ly/2CO6s7V

It's exactly 10 years after Satoshi Nakamoto launched by encoding the headline of The Times of January 3rd 2009 into its genesis block! On its 10th anniversary, Bitcoin is mentioned again on the front-page of The Times!

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Pointing the dish to the @Blockstream@twitter.com Satellite network in Space. Ready for Acquisition Of Signal (AOS) from Telstar 11N.

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So @SlackHQ@twitter.com decided to send me this email. No way to appeal this decision. No way to prove that I'm not living in Iran and not working with Iranians on slack. Nope. Just hello we're banning your account.

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500 days until the next Bitcoin block halving.

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We're excited to announce Phase 2 of coverage is live! Asia-Pacific users can now receive data at no cost. We're also revealing the which enables users to pay via ⚡️ to broadcast data worldwide from the 🛰️'s. blockstream.com/2018/12/17/Blo

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Gun deaths in America have reached a record high. Nearly 40,000 people in the United States died by guns last year, marking the highest number of gun deaths in decades, according to a new analysis of data from the CDC cnn.it/2RY57Rc

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article on @coinbase@twitter.com has an epic URL 👀 - thanks to my favorite marmot @prestonjbyrne@twitter.com for alerting me to it.


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