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Why tock-tick just doesn't sound right – and nor does Kong King, dong ding, or hop hip.

Nice little piece about a fascinating facet of human psychology: We know things we don't know we know.


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The biggest question for me while researching @Libra_@twitter.com today was this: Is it possible for users who aren’t “founding members” (@facebook@twitter.com, paypal, visa, uber, etc) to gain access to the network and fully validate the “chain”?

The answer is a resounding NO.

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slipping up here like he always does:

"I remember reading about it"

Is not what you say when you wrote it....

Because he didn't

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A study found that on Twitter, the left and right are generally isolated from each other, with retweets rarely leaving each group's bubble.

> Hong Kong is passing a law to allow China to extradite ppl in HK who violates Chinese law, which is pretty much anyone that the Communist party hates. This will be the death blow to our freedom and sovereignty. That’s why we protest. 1.03 million people in Hong Kong (which means more than 1 /8th of total population) went to the march. BTW it’s sunny with over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 77% humidity. We can’t lose our freedom!

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Op 8 juni 1949 verscheen een boek. Niet zomaar een boek. Een meesterwerk, een angstaanjagende, beklemmende waarschuwing voor een overheid geobsedeerd door controle en veiligheid, waar privacy en vrije meningsuiting werden weggewist.

70 jaar later. Men heeft er niks van geleerd.

I can't seem to open an issue on the GitLab. I have a bug/fr that's pretty annoying: from a boosted post, there is no way to go to the booster's profile. Clicking his name or icon doesn't work. The menu doesn't have an item either.

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This evening, Volters from all over Europe will begin the process of voting for which political grouping they wish Volt to join.
The vote will carry on until Sunday, and the results will be announced next week. 🇪🇺

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Blockstream's @n1ckler@twitter.com & @theinstagibbs@twitter.com will be at @breakingbitcoin@twitter.com speaking about secure protocols on BIP-Taproot & federated hot wallet security. @wtogami@twitter.com will also be on the Don't Trust Verify panel. Be sure to catch @adam3us@twitter.com, @wintercooled@twitter.com, & @stevenroose3@twitter.com there too! 🌊⚡️🛰️

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Fellatio & Fertility: Women with unexplained recurrent miscarriage had less oral sex, indicating that oral ingestion of semen habituates the maternal immune system to paternal antigens.

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What are the major takes of ? (thread) 1/7

“The 2019 EU elections will come down in history as giving birth to an embryonic form of EU political space"

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All the solutions needed are not known to anyone and therefore we must unite behind the science and find them together along the way. But you don’t listen to that. Because those answers are for solving a crisis that most of you don’t fully understand. Or don’t want to understand.

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Great seeing Rusty Russell from @Blockstream@twitter.com talk about the latest progress on Lightning Network.

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