It looks like the maintainer of the base64 crate broke all code using the rust-bitcoin Core RPC client to run on .

Trivial crates like base64 have a single job: don't change.

@stevenroose 👏 :classiclol: I saw this coming yesterday when I noticed bitwarden_rs had multiple versions of base64 in its dependency tree

how hard is it to make a base64 library people?

The base64 crate "requires Rust v1.31 or higher". WTF. How can one not have base64 code that works on all versions...

@feld @stevenroose Also comparing to Go… how can a language not have base64 in their standard library?
@lanodan @stevenroose @feld Because they want a "minimal" standard library to focus on what really matters and because its a lightweight embedded language :) Thats why rand isnt there either
@caseyp @lanodan @stevenroose don't try to convince me Rust is lightweight. It's almost 700MB

@feld @stevenroose @caseyp @lanodan

lightweight can mean a variety different things

- not introducing unnecessary overhead at runtime [x]

- having a minimal standard library so if something turns out to have been a bad idea ten years from now, there'll be no burden of maintenance [x]

- having a compiler that fits on a floppy disk [ ]

- having software run fast because the compiler was smart and complex enough to make optimizations on high-level code [x]

i checked those that apply to rust.

I see a lot of hate, but no real arguments against the language.. I'm confused. I've been using Rust full time for work in the last year and it's been a blast. Very much enjoying it and never have much trouble except for the occasional moron crate maintainer that makes a breaking change in a minor version update so we have to solve the mess.
@caseyp @feld @lanodan

@stevenroose @zalandocalrissian @caseyp @feld
Problem is: Rust is a one-implementation language, so if the implementation sucks (even from a non-programmer point of view) the language sucks with it.

There is a second compiler written in C++, but IIRC it only supports versions of Rust up to 1.22.
@feld @zalandocalrissian @caseyp

Also there is no reason to provide "arguments". I have explained many times to many people the issues with Rust in other places and irl. This has not been a thread about convincing anyone about anything, so there is no need for "arguments". Its a thread entirely unrelated to that venture.
@lanodan @feld @zalandocalrissian

I wasn't talking about this thread specifically. Just in general. I've been noticing negative opinions on Rust but I don't really understand why.
@feld @zalandocalrissian @lanodan

@stevenroose @caseyp @zalandocalrissian @lanodan for a modern compiled language that's supposed to be better than C can you tell me why there's an embarrassingly incomplete standard library?

Why is there openssl, rustls, nativetls, and hyper-tls crates? You're making big security promises with nodejs mistakes.

Has anyone in the community actually taken the time to understand proper SEMVER? Providing real ABI stability so people don't have to depend on specific versions of a base64 crate, for example?

Rust is writing checks with its mouth that its ass can't cash.

I am not impressed.

Also your packaging/crates REQUIRING git is a joke. git will be superseded someday. You've handcuffed yourself to some seriously dead weight.
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