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If you want to book a hotel with bitcoin, things have changed a bit, it seems.

First, mid last year Expedia dropped Bitcoin for hotels (I know it's not news, but I forgot ... because they used Coinbase and I boycotted them for a year before that 😂 ).

Second, for Europeans, Destinia was always a viable option, but they were using Bitpay 🤢 ... and now the news is out that Bitpay will start doing KYC for purchases ... please let Bitpay die. Now, Destinia look like

.. they have switched payment processor, but it seems to not actually work, I can't make a payment.

Now Cheapair, I had dismissed it since 2014 because flights appeared to be only bookable to/from US. But pleasant surprise: they have hotels, hotels can be booked with Bitcoin, and best of all - they use BtcPayServer 🎉

Hopefully this option remains viable for some time longer. Most everything good for BTC users is eventually killed.

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@waxwing So conclusion? I'd be interested in a summary of websites to use for using for traveling inside .

@stevenroose I'm not sure about flights right now. Destinia seems borked (temporary? Dont know). I'd recommend giving cheapair a try for hotels, but it's not yet a big recommendation - I've only tried it once !

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