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Sorry, I mixed it up. I meant IPFS. The point I was making is that although I agree that PeerTube is the best alternative to YouTube, it's not invulnerable to censorship as each instance is hosted and therefore bound by (national) laws. I expect that a lot of PeerTube admins will receive takedown requests eventually.

@frankstrater @DashEquals@linuxrocks.online But could just use under the hood, right? So that you could use IPFS to distribute your content. Every instance just "seeds" the video their users upload, like it does now, but just also exposes them over IPFS.
Instances can show videos that it doesn't host by IPFS-fetching them. They can also cache and serve them.
People could setup caching services (peers) on their laptops or even inside their peertube browser page.

PeerTube supposedly have the feature already, don't know if it has been implemented yet.

I'm still waiting for moderated/curated playlists or channel lists.
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That's interesting! Let me look into that!
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