@jon still on the train back from Munich, not sure I can make it

@Sosthene Ahah it's not the club, just me... if you like i can push my notes for your feedback. It's a continuation of the p2p GETDATA NOTFOUND bugfix PR the club looked at 3 weeks ago.

@jon Haha ok, if you don't mind we can share notes about PR, on gist maybe?

@Sosthene Been really busy but I hope to push up my thoughts to GitHub tomorrow or Sunday. If you can review and do the same it would be great to discuss/share.

@jon Hi thanks, no hurry I'm at breaking so I probably won't have time to see it before next week


Hehe, I've seen @waxwing already, we might get the whole crew together! :D

@jon @waxwing
The miniature building behind the main room after Jonas' talk?

@waxwing @stevenroose @emzy @jon sorry guys I was tooting, there's no one near the building model. See you at the buffet instead

@waxwing @Sosthene @stevenroose @emzy have fun everyone! am boarding a train from biarritz to paris atm, then flying to nyc

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