51% attack reorgs on Classic leaves only as an altcoin with reasonable immutability guarantees.
As opposed to Ethereum, Litecoin doesn't really have anything more than featurewise.

@stevenroose how about ETH itself? The article talks about Ethereum classic, a small Proof-of-Work network. I guess we shouldnt be too surprised about this as the amount of mining effort could be really low

@remy True, ETC has been declining in size drastically the last year. It's sad, though.
As for (ETH), it has had several centrally planned hardforks, one of which was explicitly to mutate some of the state. So I don't think you can consider it an immutable blockchain at all.

@stevenroose Not saying it's immutable, just that it's way harder to attack ETH with raw computing power.

@remy With raw computing power, probably yes. Even though they are moving towards PoS soon I believe.
With politics, probably a lot easier. And believe it or not, our main enemy is a lot more capable in politics than in computing power.

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