Hi all, I moved to another instance:

No problems with @fosstodon whatsoever, just a smaller instance.

Hi all, I moved to another instance:

No problems with @fosstodon whatsoever, just a smaller instance.

This is so important.

* As societies polarise, free speech is under threat. It needs defenders

> 37% of American college students told Gallup that it was fine to shout down speakers of whom they disapprove

> 10% [of American college students] think it acceptable to use violence to silence speech they deem offensive.

> Sub-Saharan gets little of its power from . Outside the region boasts just 12 functioning coal-fired power stations. Things are changing, though. Governments plan to build dozens of new coal-fired power stations. Many are underpinned by Chinese investment.

> African states should instead be improving transmission and distribution. Power cuts are often due to inadequate maintenance of infrastructure rather than insufficient supply.

rust-bitcoin v0.19 is finally released!
I'm currently updating rust-bitcoincore-rpc and hal to the new version.
Especially excited about the Amount type in the RPC crate!

@PINE64 I can't find documentation on how to boot from USB or SD card on the . I installed a Debian arm64 image in a microSD card, but it doesn't boot. It also doesn't print any instructions on how to open bios or boot selection menu.

I've been wanting to make more posts like this that just give some updates of stuff I'm working on. Any idea if there is a common hashtags known for that? isn't used anywhere I think.

Does anyone know a hashtag for development updates?

@orionwl @jon @stachrom

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rust-bitcoin merged a refactor of the Address type that now allows creating bech32 addresses of versions higher than 1 and it supports creating addresses from scriptPubKeys.
About to release v0.19!

@PINE64 the "99 dollar laptop" turned out to be quite a bit more expensive than that...

39 USD shipping and 82.75 EUR import tax

That makes a 207.93 EUR or a 230.88 USD laptop.

Cool quote from Saifedean Ammous:

> is a form of money that provides way better economic incentives to be productive rather than being extractive [than other forms of money].

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