26 people own the same wealth as half the population of Earth. Those few people could all fit on one bus. If they were students it would be equivalent to one classroom.


Sure, why not just give the NSA access to the USB port of your phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Never have I felt in my life the meaning of the phrase "with great power comes the great responsibility", until I bumped into bitcoin.

I am going to start calling Electron-based apps "elecrapps" or even "crapps".

The Peruvian government is eroding its ability to protect the the Amazon from illegal logging by succumbing to corporate pressure, Global Witness claimed in a recent report.

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Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

That's the interesting thing about #bitcoin

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Bitcoin allows me to completely nerd out. Peeling the layers of technology, math, sociology, finance and activism is like drinking from a fire hose. 🤯

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A clear trend of decentralisation, and the mystery of the unknown miners of 2018:

What if was build with instead of ?

Interesting analysis of Flutter's use of Dart and thought experiment of how a Go syntax for Flutter would look.

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How many engineers does it take to set up a @Blockstream@twitter.com satellite?! @g_durst@twitter.com @taariqlewis@twitter.com

Warm November in the UK
Relatively warn December
January still warm
Not complaining because nobody likes it subzero, but surely it feels like winter hasn't come yet. Windows open sometimes. #globalwarming #climatechange

@marsxyz Are students also protesting in Wallonia? (I don't live in Belgium anymore, but I saw some things pass by shared by friends..)

Bank BNP Paribas is down in France and Belgium as yellow vests try to withdraw all their funds.

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