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Those who don't own bitcoin yet are just being procrastinators.

> A teenager from faces possible execution for taking part in a demonstration when he was ten years old. The boy, now 18, has been held for four years.

The #Wire team are open to the idea of using #XMPP for federation between instances of the Wire server:
"Please feel free to use this issue to post links / papers / reading material of any kind that might help us make a more informed decision"

Thanks everyone for the great time at #BreakingBitcoin! It was great seeing old faces again, and new faces for the first time. :)

I've never in my life disagreed with so many people about so many things, and yet we all (they and I) agree that Bitcoin is necessary. Some people want to topple governments, while others want to end wars. We are all Satoshi, with all the responsibilities that this entails.

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slipping up here like he always does:

"I remember reading about it"

Is not what you say when you wrote it....

Because he didn't

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Make no mistake. There are people willing to launch wars and kill thousands or millions of innocent people to gain control over a monetary supply.

Bitcoin circumvents the violence. Be grateful! Take insults with pride.

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What a heartwarming story about a country that values letting 9 year olds rack up debts. twitter.com/thehill/status/113

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The Assange case is a poster child of state persecution. Every journalist, activist & all who care about democracy should know about the massive propaganda & legal corruption used to take Assange down. This is what tyranny looks like! commondreams.org/views/2019/05

So the main issue with @telegram@twitter.com here is that there is only one MacDonalds. With federated protocols like /#Jabber, there are many restaurants all round the food mall and people can takeout wherever they want, but still eat together.

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A DDoS is a “Distributed Denial of Service attack”: your servers get GADZILLIONS of garbage requests which stop them from processing legitimate requests. Imagine that an army of lemmings just jumped the queue at McDonald’s in front of you – and each is ordering a whopper. (1/2)

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When the US broke from the Gold Standard, it was presented as a “temporary” measure — we never went back.

When QE was used in 2008, it was presented as an “emergency” measure — now it is standard.

What will it take for us to stop believing the humans manipulating the economy?

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Here’s my talk at @breakingbitcoin@twitter.com about Bitcoin Build System Security! 😄


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We are still in the monetary dark ages.

The Age of Monetary Enlightenment will come when people become more interested in the question "what is money?" than in the question "how can I get more of it?"

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We're happy to announce the BitBox02 beta program. Details of how to join are in our latest Medium post.


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A study found that on Twitter, the left and right are generally isolated from each other, with retweets rarely leaving each group's bubble.

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