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After a long and frustrating journey with opensuse leap+kde, I got fed up with small issues. Jitsi sound and video troubles were the last straw. I'm back on :debian: :gnome: Debian+gnome. The testing version looks great and I am happy again 😀.

All the family sick with fever during covid lockdown... how does it look? Of course, one month ago, it wouldn't be worth mentioning it, but today the leat cold looks suspicious... Frustrating.

Hello. I'm quite new on fosstodon. I have read for a while, as a way to understand things, and I love the fresh/free spirit here. But haven't written my yet. So here it is ..

I'm from Belgium, passionate about foss, computer tinkering and software development as a hobby. I'd love to improve my skills in those matters but I'm also involved in other delightful activities such as family activities, running, chess and the vegetable garden.

Looking forward to sharing with you.


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