How's your code editor color scheme?

The "Go Live" feature is I think the most compelling reason to use as voice chat, since it opens up many, many activities that aren't easily available elsewhere, such as:
- watching a friend play a videogame (it's just not the same thing without audio or with a delay)
- watching movies together
- giving technical support and having immediate feedback
- and so on

I'd love to see that supported on Call, for example!

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I wonder why no open source program (that I'm aware of) has ever tried to tackle the reason of 's primacy as a chat app: multi-user, real-time screen-sharing **with audio only from the shared window**.

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Ughh. :telegram: for Android caches inline queries incorrectly, preventing me from showing error messages to users...

If I make a bot, but I'm not hosting a homeserver, where should I register it?

Uh oh.
My desktop :arch: Linux is not booting anymore.

improved A LOT in the last months. I am very pleasantly surprised! Good job devs :D

Did you know that on Linux you can create a file named .hidden in a directory with a list of filenames present in that directory to hide those from view even if they do not start with a dot?

Modding videogames is more fun than I remembered.

I should do that more often!

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This night I wanted to continue working on my latest web project, but got distracted and ended up using all my time to mod ...

Then again, it just exports an object and has no other code...

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This NPM author seems pretty confident in the security of their package.

Streaming a bit of at to test my new installation, and to see if Owncast is suitable for some future projects!

The license says they have the right to do that, but I don't think they will ever sell anything, since the original is pretty easy to find...

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Pretty sure I just spotted someone trying to sell one of my AGPL-licensed projects for $200... 😂

Just finished !

Great game, fun characters, awesome music and artstyle!

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