For example, using a URL with a port breaks the widget entirely :/

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Ugggh, why does Telegram always have to make things differently and worse than everyone else?

Telegram Login is a buggy and undocumented mess...

I learned how devcontainers work, though, so maybe I can consider that an indirect personal success? Maybe?

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Tried to fix for the whole day with no success :S

Can anyone with more experience than me take a look?

(again), especially bilinguals:

if both a localization in English and a localization in your native language were available to use in a software, which one would you pick?

I'm going to start a new server soon with a few experienced friends.

What mods would you recommend us?

Finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance!

Very fun and fast-paced, but it felt a bit unfinished near the end.

Ran flawlessly on my !

The final 20% were a bit more wholesome:
- a university student basically asking me to do their homework
- a russian guy who set up a fishing shop using it and who wanted to thank me
- a lot of people contributing various translations

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Another 30% were asking for the same thing, but they wanted to sell "digital products".

Now, I don't really surf the darknet, but I'm pretty sure that's slang for stolen accounts and credit cards.

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50% of these were from drug dealers asking me to implement "crypto payment support", sometimes going as far to even sending me pictures of their "bounty" to show they were serious about it.

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My high school finals project ( somehow reached 260 stars on GitHub, and this made me receive LOTS of weird and funny messages about it.

Is using a relay or is it big enough to not need one?

Just found out Valve has a huge Steam Input guide hidden where no player will ever find it:

This will be very useful while creating Steam Deck Layouts for obscure games!

Is it me, or has the direct message icon just changed?

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I finally figured out how to get the GitHub backlink to work in my profile. rel="me" links in the get trimmed out but links on left get rel="nofollow me" added to them by default, which is neat.

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@Tusky Submitted an improved Italian translation for !

If you speak Italian, please take a few minutes to review and approve the new strings:

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