As usual, couple of indexes change situation significantly. Why are developers always afraid of creating indexes?

Very impressed by the movie Klaus. Netflix did a great job. Interesting, beautifully drawn and surprisingly touching story, or maybe it's just me becoming sentimental with years.

Funny how :archlinux: emoji is too many characters to add to my name, but :ubuntu: is fine. Nice try ubuntu, but no :)

“The first thing Martin always did when he found some new data file was to search for his own name. It may seem egocentric, but Martin wasn’t worried about that. He had spent a lot of time thinking about himself, and had come to the conclusion that he was definitely not self-absorbed.”

― Scott Meyer, Off to Be the Wizard

The latest album by the band called The Ocean. Simply love the concept: it tells the story of Paleozoic geological era of Earth, which started with the event called Cambrian explosion, when most of the complex organisms originated, and ended with the largest extinction event in the history of Earth. Can it get any geekier?

Hello, everyone!

I am a database administrator by profession, a Linux user, and a metal head from Moscow, Russia. Have been using Linux for more than 10 years now. Arch is my distribution of choice.

I am new to Mastodon and I hope I chose the right instance.

Nice to meet you all!


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