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Well-written, balanced assessment of the state of rust web api development.
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wrote a thing about my thoughts on building a web api with rust, it's called "rust is a hard way to make a web api"

I accidentally wrote a random-numbers-as-a-service web api with Rocket and it was quite fun. I do want to write up some interesting parts of it, eventually.

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Small is Beautiful

Our first stream for 2021 is tomorrow.

Join @laura and me for an update on our work on @better, Site.js (, and Small Web (

Have your webcam/mic and headphones ready if you want to join the conversation in the studio.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #LiveStream

Really enjoyable deep dive: Who's at the Helm?

"Or, how to deploy 25+ CVEs to prod in one command!"

"Each package manager adds a layer of convenience. ... But each layer here adds an element of required trust."

New year, new colors:

"Dark Pastels" (ships with Konsole) is easy on the eyes.

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What was your favorite blog post this year?

(Links appreciated!)

For people running containers: what user runs inside your container?

Boosting for visibility appreciated.

One cool thing about / sourcehut is that you can create repos without first going to the web ui:

$ git remote add origin
$ git push


remote: NOTICE
remote: We saved your changes, but this repository does not exist.
remote: Click here to create it:
remote: Your changes will be discarded in 20 minutes.

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My very basic pager can now show the contents of a file, and scroll up and down, yay, I'm so proud of myself :)

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Thinking about a hosting service with almost no UI for the low price of “pay what you want”. Purpose: backups, just a place to push to. 🤔

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Did you know that has a directory? It's currently the best way to see who's streaming. Kind of like going to the homepage and browsing.

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First episode of The Unsafe Chronicles is now up on YouTube! We talk through some particularly funky unsoundness around aliasing a Box, and how to deal with it the context of the left-right concurrency primitive.

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We're hiring! #Golang Craftsperson is sought in Berlin, Germany, to join our #OpenSource @lightmeter team. Our mission is to strengthen the foundations of digital society by making mailtech easy and convenient. Apply for this #job on #AngelList:

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