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John Cage's "Organ²/ASLSP (As Slow as Possible)" has been playing on the organ of a church in Halberstadt, Germany since 2001. (The performance runs until 2640.) This Saturday, the chord that has been held since 2013 will change.

With Wayland replacing X.Org the barrier of entry to writing your own window manager is quite high. It used to be that you could write a functioning wm in ~50 lines of C or Python via python-xlib

I should have also mentioned that there are Linux/mac OS/Windows binaries as well as .deb packages attached to every release now. Go ahead and try it out!

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X : Thoughts on DevOps?
Me : Broad subject.
X : General trends?
Me : DevOps / IaaS is what you should have been doing over a decade ago. It's now in the position of becoming the new legacy. The smart kids have already gone serverless and the practices emerging around it. Why?

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Work with us on improving the UX of @grafana and Loki. We got some great senior UX talent, this is your chance to grow 🐣💪🚀

I’m now using for more than 6 months on my main machine and it feels great. Before when trying KDE I never got accustomed to the looks and I was overwhelmed by the number of things you can tweak, but you can tell how much work went into UX and sane defaults.

Kudos to and everyone else doing an amazing job!

I have a small set of features I'd like to implement for a 1.0 version and then I'd like to leave it at that.

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Just released passage (CLI password manager using version 0.3.0 which cleans up the storage format into a single toml file and makes interactions a bit nicer.

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We, as an industry, really like to pretend that coding is the hard part. We do this when we interview. We do this when we plan and work. It's immensely common and it's so far from the truth.

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I'd like to see a Computer Science class called Should We Build This where students have to explicitly reckon with whether things should be built or not and why.

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Today’s This Is HCD podcast interview with Gerry Scullion is probably one of my best ever.

We discuss the role of design in surveillance capitalism (and beyond), colonial vs non-colonial design, alternatives to Silicon Valley malware and more.

Give it a listen if you can.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #design #technology #SmallTech

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Thanks to amazing work from Alexandre Abgrall (aabgrall on Github), GeForce Now can now be used under Linux!
With it, you can even play anticheat-protected games, which normally don't work on Linux at all.
Install it using Lutris:

Getting a repair scheduled at the Apple Store is pretty much the same as getting a Termin at the Bürgeramt:

"No times available. Try again tomorrow or something"

Not commenting on the blockchain part, but this quote struck me as incorrect (not just vis-a-vis Rust):

“accessibility, productivity, and high assurance tend to be more desirable than manual meddling with memory management”
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It's nice to see sci fi premises turn out well IRL.

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I'm resurrecting an old tradition of mine and taking notes / collecting interesting links from @rustconf talks and the community in a github repo:

PRs are most definitely welcome!

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