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On blacklists/whitelists: "Examination of the history of terms such as “blacklist,” combined with the context of a growth in racist discourse, means that this is a real issue and not just a matter for idle academic debate."

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Fantastic essay by @craigmod about how our hardware (focused on Apple) has reached a truly amazing point but our software feels like it's regressing by failing on the basics:

@sir will sourcehut ever get something similar to Pull Requests / Merge Requests?

Therapist: and what do we do to combat these feelings of helplessness and despair

Me: buy a new lens 📸

Therapist: no....

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We’re starting a non-profit initiative to help women, people of color, and other minorities find mentors in the tech industry. We are looking for mentors and people interested in having mentors. RT for reach.

An API to plant trees:

I find $1 per tree to be a bit expensive for the toy projects which immediately come to mind, but overall this is an awesome idea!

OK so they need MySQL, that's a no-go. But the website itself is exactly what I'm describing. Even the markup and minimal styling is A+.

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The comparison with suckless is only at a surface level, I think they go to far with some things.

(for instance "Compile your own webkit or expect hell." or configuration by editing `config.h` and recompiling)

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Is there something like but for websites / web applications? Opinionated, focus on usability, ease of self-hosting, accesibility? And then build a few tools on that ideology: social network, feed reader, email client ... ?

when manipulating strings with regular expression, three of the five most energy-efficient languages turn out to be interpreted languages (TypeScript, JavaScript, and PHP), “although they tend to be not very energy efficient in other scenarios.”

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"Compiled languages “tend to be” the most energy-efficient and fastest-running"

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The paper quoted here as well as the article are not new, but the facts bear repeating:

“a faster language is not always the most energy efficient.”

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Periodic reminder that the tech stack you use to ship a product only matters to other devs.

End users only care that it's fast enough and does enough to let them get work done.

That is your top priority as a dev. Ship working maintainable things that solve people's problems.

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Today, we remember the scores of innocent demonstrators killed by the Chinese Gov’t 31 years ago at Tiananmen Square for speaking out against the totalitarian regime.

We must hold the CCP accountable for suppressing freedom & for their malign activity that continues today.

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When you say “keep politics out of x”, you really mean “I don’t want to consider this. Stop making me uncomfortable. “

So just say that instead. And let’s work together to fix things and find comfort together.

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And remember that while this may seem like an easily ignored US-only problem, it is not. For a European and international perspective, I recommend following @JessyFanja.

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