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I'm knee deep in Python logging configuration. How's your day going?

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Programs slowly accrue new features that they don't necessarily need to have, but have been added because of pressure to ship more units (for proprietary software) or satisfy feature requests (for foss projects). These end up making the software buggier and harder to maintain, but they can't be removed due to business or social pressure.

So instead, someone starts scratch with a new minimal program that attempts to do just the one thing well, without all of the other bells and whistles.

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Making progress on my static site generator. It now renders .md files (pages and posts) on a tera template. Now it's missing a table of contents and then it's ok to go live.

Crate of the day for me: walkdir.

tera is a lovely crate for jinja-like html templates. Next stop: a markdown crate. I guess I’m rolling my own little static site generator in

Show thread has an interesting aproach: can be self-hosted, commits to your git repo, submits PRs if you want moderation. But: this is not ActivityPub and it only works for Jekyll & Github.

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I stopped using Spotify and replaced it with #Funkwhale a couple of years ago because Spotify suddenly stopped offering an album I'd had in my collection for a long time with no notice nor explanation.

Now I'm hearing that a bunch of podcasts are going Spotify exclusive as well, meaning that they are no longer actually podcasts and are not accessible to people in countries which Spotify does not serve.

Kill Spotify dead, frankly. Just the worst example of art distorted by tech.

Hear me out: a static site generator with some backend component to make it ActivityPub aware.

Hello World!

I’m interested in following people who post about or


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