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Ich hab auf @golem über eines meiner Lieblingsthemen bei Trainings geschrieben: was kann man eigentlich aus einer Funktionssignatur in Rust so alles lesen und welche Fehler verhindert die Sprache?


@celia I used to call myself a 1/10x engineer. You know ... someone needs to undo the sparkles a 10x engineer leaves behind in a project.

@garritfra supposedly there's an optional Rust backend in the latest release? Curious to hear about that. Also TIL you can deploy it with SQLite, that would make upgrade pains and backups so much easier.

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2021 is the year of Linux on the Marstop

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Just received feedback from a Facebook Inc. developer, complaining our app is "crippleware" due to the early-access features for sponsors and contributors. Better than monetizing personal data at a scale the world has never seen before, no?

@celia definitely RoR or Python/Django are still strong today, more or less depending on what you do, of course.

@Gina another vote for french press. Easy to use and clean, cheap and with good beans it makes great coffee

@iooioio they seem to have learned from past mistakes (e.g: doesn’t install over your old d2 installation)

You have my attention, Blizzard
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Welcome to Hell. : Resurrected beckons you back into the flames. 🔥

⚔️ Remastered Visuals & Audio
🏹 PC & Console w/ Cross-Progression
💀 Same Classic Gameplay

@happybeing good thing lines of code don’t equate progress 😬

@honza I’m not sure what you mean by “ we’re losing fluently with common Linux coreutils”?

@happybeing same, haven’t tried it yet. Still copying and pasting thinking “this one should do the trick” :)

@happybeing takes the fun out of the guessing game, but this might do the trick: github.com/nektos/act

@garritfra agreed, it does make sense as a distro and as an approach.

But part of the debate was that the centos name stood for something else (RHEL but free) with stability for 5-10 years, which is a huge thing in corporations.

Reusing that name for something that is entirely unusable in corporations doesn't make sense from a branding perspective.

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