@nitox technically that's more of a predecessor. I guess it's quite a bit more complicated to get running compared to fleet, unfortunately.

I keep having these ideas of orchestrating systemd services across machines. Is there some kind of successor to github.com/coreos/fleet ?

@hund related: beets.io/. It’s sooo good. I wish there was beets for photos

Let's call it "inverting binary tree" culture
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Most tech interview processes optimize for the 1-5% of the work we fantasize we could spend more time on rather than the vast majority of what the job actually is.

We build teams hoping to do that 1-5% and giving little attention to the rest, then wonder how to fix that culture.

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“The new tracking-free ad server was performing so well that NPO decided to abandon cookies entirely beginning in 2020. As of January, visitors aren’t even asked to opt in or out; the site simply doesn’t track anyone. The results have been striking.“ wired.com/story/can-killing-co

I'm available for hire, looking to work in a (very) small, motivated team.

Specialties: Backend, APIs, updating documentation, negative line count diffs, , , , the right tool for the right job, your PR is more important than mine.

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Neues Gesetz legalisiert datenbasierte Gesundheitsprofilbildung auch gegen den Willen des Versicherten. heise.de/-4861122

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Looks like Google is trying to gain even more control in the open source world. Don't ever give away your rights to them.


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tip: The Formatter class in the logging module supports a "style" parameter.

Instead of the default %(vars)s style, you can specify either the {var} or $var style formatting supported by str.format() and string.Template.


I can now relate to superheroes who go somewhere and then realize “damn, I forgot my mask... 🤦‍♀️ “

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I would really like the culture of Rust to be one where you don't need to know the entire language in order to be credible. Rust is a big language (by design) and you don't need all of it be really, really productive (also by design). /1

Thread. Spot on! 👏
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A significant minority of developers I’ve worked with created negative productivity through over-engineering and trend-seeking. twitter.com/pinboard/status/12

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I made a super simple CLI plotting thingy, reads numbers on stdin, draws svg to stdout. Just for seeing the shape of data. It's written in awk.

Sure you can ask a person who has lied to the US congress before to stop doing things, but how about you stop using said platform in any conceivable way, especially handing them money by buying ads or data by linking against their SDK?


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It took until 2020 for them to get a conscience about what this company is doing, so our sympathy should be extremely limited IMO. twitter.com/rmac18/status/1286

TOML makes more sense. Do not pick yaml just because others have
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On the Eng Blog: Ground Control to Major TOML: Why Use a Most Peculiar Format by @codefinger hrku.co/2C7kX4

@ramob @alexwennerberg@mastodon.social could be an import from cvs, svn etc

It will never cease to amaze me how people’s first course of action when arriving at a campsite is setting up the satellite dish.

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