I wrote a small command-line password manager based on age by @FiloSottile. It's good enough for daily usage, some improvements still to come. Releasing stuff feels so good!



The consistent way of documenting crates, the ability to jump from one crates docs to another ones and the general quality of documentation is something that should get more credit.

Now it can render a list of posts as well for the main page. I guess the separation between index page and article page needs some work next. `tera` is a brilliant crate for what I'm looking for.

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Making progress on my static site generator. It now renders .md files (pages and posts) on a tera template. Now it's missing a table of contents and then it's ok to go live.

Crate of the day for me: walkdir.

tera is a lovely crate for jinja-like html templates. Next stop: a markdown crate. I guess I’m rolling my own little static site generator in

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Hello World!

I’m interested in following people who post about or


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