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I made a super simple CLI plotting thingy, reads numbers on stdin, draws svg to stdout. Just for seeing the shape of data. It's written in awk.

TOML makes more sense. Do not pick yaml just because others have
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On the Eng Blog: Ground Control to Major TOML: Why Use a Most Peculiar Format by @codefinger hrku.co/2C7kX4

So it's enough to link against the FB SDK and allow location access for Facebook to track you with zero lines of code.
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To stop crashes from the Facebook SDK, some devs tried commenting out any code that calls Facebook. Nothing worked.

It turns out that by just including the SDK with your app, Facebook runs hidden code on launch. (FBSDKApplicationDelegate.m)

I'm excited to have this opportunity 🙌
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Warm welcome to our new mentors with a diverse and valuable experience in software engineering, product and startups from @elastic, @lunar_vc, @sysdig, @qxip and @yellowpencilweb.

If you would like to meet any of them, just sign up as a mentee at tupu.io/mentees/

Do the negative line count change you want to see in the world

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I just unfollowed everyone on LinkedIn.
I'll re-follow only the people I know.

If you wanna do the same:
1. Open linkedin.com/feed/following/
2. Open Dev Tools > Console (Cmd+Option+J)
3. Paste the script: gist.github.com/brunolemos/8e1
4. Press enter & watch the beauty of automation 😍

Definitely worth a look if you're looking for meaningful work. Unfortunately not my tech stack, but maybe someone with a and background is interested?
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We are looking for a PHP developer to join our team! Get in touch 🖥️


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We’re starting a non-profit initiative to help women, people of color, and other minorities find mentors in the tech industry. We are looking for mentors and people interested in having mentors. tupu.io RT for reach.

👀 🤔
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Today, we remember the scores of innocent demonstrators killed by the Chinese Gov’t 31 years ago at Tiananmen Square for speaking out against the totalitarian regime.

We must hold the CCP accountable for suppressing freedom & for their malign activity that continues today.

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Kid: I want a really difficult puzzle for my birthday


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