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Many of us programmers are a privileged bunch. I think we should recognize that.

@stchris I think the author makes some good points. Software developers _are_ priviliged. And a lot of us do have inflated egos or are otherwise just... not fun to be around. I appreciate the reminder to be humble cause that makes life easier and more enjoyable for both us and those around us.

However, I disagree that being in this privileged position is down to be being lucky. (1/x)

@stchris Generally, developers _choose_ to become developers. It's no secret that developers are well paid and the barrier for entry is quite low. You can make the switch from any profession at any time.

So there is nothing to feel guilty about if you are a dev and nothing to be envious of if you are not. There is simply a choice and that choice is yours.

But yeah. Still nothing wrong with being thankful and humble. I'm all for it!


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