Possibly unpopular opinion: I never saw a reason to move to zsh from bash. I tried both fish and zsh but never found any good reasons to switch.

@stchris Zsh is better than Bash for people who wish to customize their shell in ways that Bash cannot easily to. If you're happy with the way Bash works, there is no need to switch :)

@stchris agreed, bash works just fine for me and knowing bash-isms is super useful if you end up ssh-ing into boxes a lot (basically all I do). Install zsh every time would be a major hassle.

@stchris there are some useful things. Being able to source all sub-directories in a directory into $PATH as an array really easily. The prompt options are insane and actually really useful for people who spend alot of time in the command line. But alot of it is entirely un-necessary. Im trying to port over the good parts of my zsh configuration to ksh for some simplicity.

@stchris I tried zsh and I loved it but when I ssh all the servers I admin use bash so I stay in bash in 99% of the time. So I decided to switch back to bash in my company computer. I use "bash-it" to customize my shell and it is pretty good.

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