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For the price of a “smartphone-enabled” Profoto B10 Plus (more than $2,000) you could buy a decent DSLR, a couple of lenses and a very capable 2-speedlight studio kit with remotes, stands and light modifiers. 🤷‍♂️ twitter.com/photojack/status/1

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EMPLOYEES: "But rather than qutting, isn't it better to stay and change things from the inside?"

EMPLOYERS: "We're going to need you to stop trying to change things from the inside now." wsj.com/articles/facebook-to-c

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Wer nannte es französische Straßenbenutzungsgebühren und nicht Ruebezahl

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One thing that was poorly considered at the dawn of the World Wide Web is how lucrative seemingly objective user generated content would be for businesses. From paying $6 per Amazon review to influencers on IG making millions and now tourism being boosted by Wikipedia edits. twitter.com/emollick/status/13

Nice to see this. Let's hope Apple follows Microsoft and starts to chip in on the development costs as well.
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Wow, Apple seems to be all-in on Rust for low-level programming:

"Following a very successful first foray into Rust we are migrating an established codebase from C to Rust, and building new functionality primarily in Rust."


Watch @fasterthanlime go down the Linux / Wayland rabbit hole. Nobody does it better than him.
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Okay, I'm going to livetweet trying to fix my Linux graphics issues - I'll use the hashtag so you can just mute that if you don't want to be spammed.

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today I learned ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) embeds a LISP, because of course it does packages.gentoo.org/useflags/a

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"your API is writing checks your program can't cache"

Oh yeah the Tuxedo models look good, unfortunately they’re not shippable before end of October :(

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Help me pick a decent : 13-14”, AMD preferred, as light as possible, good keyboard, good support (with the latest kernel).

Toss up between Lenovo T14s AMD (new) and something like a T460 (older, better compatibility,
much cheaper docking station).

Am I missing something? I’ll exclude Dell XPS models because of coil whine issues.

I don't think anyone from Lenovo or Dell ever tried to buy a laptop from their own website.

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Was Radfahren in Berlin in den letzten Monaten etwas angenehmer gemacht hat: verbreiterte (Pop-Up) Radwege.

Die müssen nun wohl wieder weg -_- twitter.com/rbb24/status/13029

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when you're the only one trying to use semantic HTML

IT job ad, "Benefits" section:

* Two gaming rooms stocked with 6 PCs each to play and crush enemies with your colleagues


passage 0.4.0 is out, with a convenience feature: hooks, which allow you to pull / push the password db to and from version control automatically.

deb, binary & docs here:

(passage is a cli password manager using age-encryption.org)

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