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When you say “keep politics out of x”, you really mean “I don’t want to consider this. Stop making me uncomfortable. “

So just say that instead. And let’s work together to fix things and find comfort together.

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And remember that while this may seem like an easily ignored US-only problem, it is not. For a European and international perspective, I recommend following @JessyFanja.


Whatsapp and Instagram as well while you’re at it
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Things you can do: Close your FB account...

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In Germany, where multiple sources say racism doesn't exist, the main public broadcaster and its leading magazine have both just announced all-white panels to discuss racism in the US.

Does anyone else have experience with downgrading macOS? What's a reasonable (homebrew still works, still gets security updates) version to go to? Getting a bit tired of bugs and performance loss.

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@yoshuawuyts Mozilla wrote an embedded version of Datomic using Rust a bit ago, no longer maintained: github.com/mozilla/mentat

TIL there’s a built-in function called breakpoint() as of Python 3.7

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import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

is so good!
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How often do you 's pdb debugger?

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Well, after about 10000 hours of work over 13 years, it's probably about time for this...

I've released my entire "Practical Python Programming" course under a Creative-Commons license. Learn it, teach it, hack it, and have fun.


The consistent way of documenting crates, the ability to jump from one crates docs to another ones and the general quality of documentation is something that should get more credit.

A comparable Fastmail account is $5/month, which I already think is quite a bit.
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That comes out to $8.25/month. Included is the service, obviously, all our amazing native apps across all platforms, 100GB storage, and the sweet satisfaction from paying for email with money rather than your privacy, eyeballs, or dignity 😁 twitter.com/jasonfried/status/

“This is why I hold my peers accountable for working at companies which are making a negative impact on the world around them.”

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Current status: I'd rather wait for rustc than for pytest ...

ACM Tech Talk, 8th of June: "Leveraging the ACM Code of Ethics Against Ethical Snake Oil and Dodgy Development"

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Let me know if anyone wants an invite to the flagship gourami instance, or a few invites to share with friends. It's going to be focused on testing features, soliciting feedback, etc. Would love for anyone to join! dev.gourami.social/

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