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Looks like Google is trying to gain even more control in the open source world. Don't ever give away your rights to them.

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tip: The Formatter class in the logging module supports a "style" parameter.

Instead of the default %(vars)s style, you can specify either the {var} or $var style formatting supported by str.format() and string.Template.

I can now relate to superheroes who go somewhere and then realize “damn, I forgot my mask... 🤦‍♀️ “

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I would really like the culture of Rust to be one where you don't need to know the entire language in order to be credible. Rust is a big language (by design) and you don't need all of it be really, really productive (also by design). /1

Thread. Spot on! 👏
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A significant minority of developers I’ve worked with created negative productivity through over-engineering and trend-seeking.

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I made a super simple CLI plotting thingy, reads numbers on stdin, draws svg to stdout. Just for seeing the shape of data. It's written in awk.

Sure you can ask a person who has lied to the US congress before to stop doing things, but how about you stop using said platform in any conceivable way, especially handing them money by buying ads or data by linking against their SDK?

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It took until 2020 for them to get a conscience about what this company is doing, so our sympathy should be extremely limited IMO.

TOML makes more sense. Do not pick yaml just because others have
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On the Eng Blog: Ground Control to Major TOML: Why Use a Most Peculiar Format by @codefinger

It will never cease to amaze me how people’s first course of action when arriving at a campsite is setting up the satellite dish.

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At some point, being a better engineer requires an investment into being a better person.

So it's enough to link against the FB SDK and allow location access for Facebook to track you with zero lines of code.
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To stop crashes from the Facebook SDK, some devs tried commenting out any code that calls Facebook. Nothing worked.

It turns out that by just including the SDK with your app, Facebook runs hidden code on launch. (FBSDKApplicationDelegate.m)

An iOS app not starting because of a problem with the Facebook SDK is a good indication for an app you might not want to use, because it uses said SDK.

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signal app 

So Moxie backtracked and says they'll push a fix to make pins optional. Meanwhile if you don't add a pin (which the app still doesn't say will /upload your signal contact list into the signal servers/) you can't get back in to coordinate a platform switch with your secure contacts. Unless you were already using the desktop app which isn't pin locked, or somehow manage to downgrade the phone app.

Suddenly being held data-hostage -- turn over this data or you can't talk to the people, not even to arrange a different means of contact -- without any forewarning is unacceptable and a perfect example of why centralized infrastructure and single-client rather than interoperable systems are a major failure.

Turns out it was more complicated
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Just a reminder of how prescient @BRIAN_____ continues to be with PKI issues:

If you're someone who needs to verify certificates, you really should consider doing what it takes to integrate Rust's

You wont regret it

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I can't be the only one who keeps opening vim in a vscode terminal?

Wait, `cargo install cargo-deb && cargo deb` is all I need to do to package my binary as a debian project? What is this sorcery?

Liebe @DeutschePostDHL, euer TLS Zertifikat für scheint nicht mehr gültig zu sein. Zumindest wird eines ausgeliefert was diese Domain nicht enthält und damit eine Sicherheitswarnung in meinem Browser auslöst.

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