Turns out it was more complicated
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Just a reminder of how prescient @BRIAN_____ continues to be with PKI issues:


If you're someone who needs to verify certificates, you really should consider doing what it takes to integrate Rust's github.com/briansmith/webpki

You wont regret it

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I can't be the only one who keeps opening vim in a vscode terminal?

Wait, `cargo install cargo-deb && cargo deb` is all I need to do to package my binary as a debian project? What is this sorcery?

Liebe @DeutschePostDHL, euer TLS Zertifikat für paket.de scheint nicht mehr gültig zu sein. Zumindest wird eines ausgeliefert was diese Domain nicht enthält und damit eine Sicherheitswarnung in meinem Browser auslöst.

This is the most accessible C code I have ever seen and a really great open-source project. I always enjoyed @antirez pitching an idea, requesting and then carefully considering comments, slowly building new features.
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Today I'm stepping down as Redis leader and maintainer. I published a blog post about this:


Thanks Redis community, you have my love <3
Thanks Redis Labs for the joint adventure s…

I'm excited to have this opportunity 🙌
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Warm welcome to our new mentors with a diverse and valuable experience in software engineering, product and startups from @elastic, @lunar_vc, @sysdig, @qxip and @yellowpencilweb.

If you would like to meet any of them, just sign up as a mentee at tupu.io/mentees/

Hey join.com if you are able to see this: you are conveying a terrible message.

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I wrote a small command-line password manager based on age by @FiloSottile. It's good enough for daily usage, some improvements still to come. Releasing stuff feels so good!



Soon to be a Senior YAML Developer. And every time I need to mess with YAML I'm reminded that TOML is so much nicer.

I’m going to need proof that you’re human, so please do as humans do and point at all the crosswalks in this picture.

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The architecture astronauts who, for the past decade, have been selling us on the necessity of React, Redux, and megabytes of JS, cannot comprehend the possibility of building an email app in 2020 with server-rendered HTML 😴

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Learned about text/enriched today after spying it in someone’s .muttrc. Imagine! A safe subset of HTML for mail! All that could have been…


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