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I now have a public-inbox mailing list as well: ~stchris/

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Ich hab auf @golem über eines meiner Lieblingsthemen bei Trainings geschrieben: was kann man eigentlich aus einer Funktionssignatur in Rust so alles lesen und welche Fehler verhindert die Sprache?

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2021 is the year of Linux on the Marstop

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Just received feedback from a Facebook Inc. developer, complaining our app is "crippleware" due to the early-access features for sponsors and contributors. Better than monetizing personal data at a scale the world has never seen before, no?

You have my attention, Blizzard
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Welcome to Hell. : Resurrected beckons you back into the flames. 🔥

⚔️ Remastered Visuals & Audio
🏹 PC & Console w/ Cross-Progression
💀 Same Classic Gameplay

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My advice on learning new features: Don't approach it from the "I like it" or "I don't like it" point of view. Once approved, it is just a fact of life, neither good nor bad.

Learn it deeply and see where it fits or doesn't fit in your life. Then use as needed. 🙂


Litestream is a tool that runs in a separate process and continuously replicates a SQLite database to Amazon S3.

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Oh this is more like it: "No read tracking - we only check if the receiving server accepted the email, we never invade a person's inbox privacy". A transactional email sender that not only doesn't default spy pixels, but won't allow them 😍

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Many of us programmers are a privileged bunch. I think we should recognize that.

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Sure... you say you support workers rights and small businesses...

But when's the last time you got something from Amazon that you could have got locally?

Yes, I know there is a pandemic, they need you now more than ever.

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It's funny how every single modern web browser that isn't Firefox originally started as a web view in KDE's file manager.

Chrome? Safari? Edge? Brave? Opera? Yep, the rendering engine for all of them came from KHTML, which was used inside the Konqueror file manager of KDE 2.

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@Spaceface16518 lucky you! I only have "std"!

But luckily there's, so I can

if I want the documentation for `String`.

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To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will find you. You have my Word.

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Small is Beautiful: The public stack and how to fund it

Live stream—tomorrow 5PM Cork (UTC +0)/12PM NY (UTC -5)/9AM SF (UTC -8)

Join @sandervdwaal, research director @waag, @martinedelannoy, Chief Foresight Officer, Ghent and @KaFCoe, Cities of People.

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Never told this story on twitter, but a personal classic. For a while, I had therapy, Monday morning. On that day, my therapist asked how my weekend was. Me: well, it's summer, but I spend the whole weekend on the couch, finishing a game. Bad and guilty.

TIL about checkrestart(1) which can help figure out which processes need a restart after package upgrades.

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